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How to plunge into the past?

the Aqualung was invented during war. Therefore it is no wonder that, first of all, the aqualung was applied in military science. For example, for mine clearing of water areas of ports. After liberation of France need of creation of special group was obvious to similar works.

It was also created. Name of " group; Group d`Etudes et de Recherches Sous Marines it is possible to translate into Russian so: Group of studying and researches under " water;. The talented naval officer Philip Taye headed it. Basis of its steel of Cousteau, and, subsequently, Dumas and other volunteers.

But mine clearing put temporary. In peace years companions the underwater archeology became the main child of Taye with.

In 1948 Philip Taye begins expedition to the place of ship-wreck Makhdiya the ship which was found in 1907, is partially plundered in 1908 and is investigated 1913. As it became clear later, it is insufficiently investigated. In spite of the fact that researches were conducted within five seasons, then it was succeeded to take only small part of the objects which are of archaeological value.

However even what was taken costed the spent efforts. Antique statues from marble and bronze, furniture, ware, house utensils... Now all this occupies six halls of the Tunisian museum of Alaui.

And here, 35 years later, the ship of the French Naval Forces " came to the port of Makhdiya; Elie Monie . Onboard the ship there was a group of divers headed by Taye. To the surprise, scuba divers found out that all earlier taken objects were simply removed from a main deck, and holds inside and remained the filled works of ancient art.

The treasure lifted from a seabed at the African coast besides huge scientific value, had special value. In - the first, almost untouched treasure was so important for archeologists as discovery of ancient Pompeii, and, in - the second, it marked the first use of autonomous immersion for needs of underwater archeology.

The gained experience allowed Taye to begin in 1957 excavation of ship-wreck of the Roman ship of 1 century to N e. Titan .

Place of ship-wreck Titan there is at a depth of 27 and 29 meters on the edge of the island Levan. For the first time in the history of underwater excavation the scheme of the place of ship-wreck and the photo of underwater deposits was created. Each taken subject was fixed concerning system of coordinates at the bottom.

More than seven hundred amphoras of a different look, a product from black ceramics which secret of production is lost numerous objects of use, a coin were lifted. The ship case structure was for the first time studied. For this purpose it was completely cut on part.

Approximately and at coast of the same island of Taye for the first time plunges into the same time on the place of loss of the ship Glory of Russia sunk in 1780. Systematic excavation begins only in 1980. 75 - summer Taye still directs works, as always is full of enthusiasm, still plunges into sea depths.

Guns, guns, ancient icons, coins, ship tools were taken. But the true value of found does not consist in separate objects even if from gold, and in that enrichment of mankind which can be reached, thoughtfully studying all complex of finds.

In the last years of life Taye lived and worked two steps away from Jules Verne`s country house, the author of books about the captain Nemo. It more than mere coincidence. Taye joked: Jules Verne died in 1905, and I this year was born . He died on September 26, 2002, having lived 97 years.

The government of France and world community highly appreciated its contribution to science and sport. He is awarded by many government awards, is a member of numerous scientific organizations, associations and committees.

But the biggest award in life presented it waters of the warm Mediterranean Sea - the cold depth, inconceivable beauty of the underwater world and faithful companions.

Therefore at the age of 94 years it still plunged. The son Cousteau, Jean - Michel remembers how Taye, celebrating the birthday, dived with an aqualung. Taye intended to dive also on the 95 - the anniversary, but doctors did not let it.

And still he met significant date under water. He just nestled below water level in to an akvaskopa - to a cabin for underwater supervision. Jean - Michel stated a wish to dive together with Taye in his centenary. However that laughed the matter off in the usual manner, he told: But, Jean - Michel, can be alive you will not be any more! .