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Who was called musketeers of the underwater world?

the Son of professor of physics Frederic Dumas conducted reckless life of the underwater hunter on coast of the Mediterranean Sea. He hunted by means of the pointed iron rod from eaves and passed for the best hunter of the coast. It surprised people, leaving the sea with the huge big fishes strung on a self-made harpoon.

Once, sitting on a coastal stone, Dumas saw the underwater swimmer who was obviously surpassing it in all indicators. Having waited until that comes to the coast, Dumas got acquainted with it. It was the lieutenant of fleet Philip Taye.

He told Frederik where it is possible to get points and flippers how to make a respiratory tube. But the most important was the fact that he suggested Dumas to join it with Cousteau.

Since then young swimmers tried not to be separated. Acquaintances right there christened their amicable trio three musketeers . They together made immersions and tried to improve the art. From this point it is impossible to tell about someone one, without mentioning others. Their contribution to the common cause is inseparable. And even their recognized leader Cousteau began to speak not " since then; I made and We made .

Spearfishing captured them as an illness. What was only not tried by them, chasing fish: jails, arbalests, spring harpoon guns of the different sizes and designs. And, above all, they infected with this illness and others. Seamen of the Mediterranean squadron, in imitation them, one by one were fond of this sport. However musketeers of the sea all the same remained the best.

As a result they scared away or destroyed all more - less large fish in coastal waters that caused natural indignation of local fishermen. They were even accused of theft of fish from networks. But fish, per se, was not so necessary to them, they were driven by sports passion.

At the same time they tested various devices for conquest of depths, for example, the device known at that time for autonomous breath of a design of Le Priyer. They tried to improve it. They wanted to overcome the restrictions imposed by imperfect equipment, there was longer a wish to remain under water, to dive more deeply.

War interfered with their plans. Alas, they were separated. Philip was given assignment to the " destroyer; Valmi Jacques - Ives became a gunner on the cruiser " Duplex; and the corporal Dumas - the muleteer in Northern Provence.

Separation was short. France capitulated and the Trinity returned to Toulon. Also there were they there... unemployed.

Just during the compelled inaction they made the first attempt to inform world around of all those beauty which were seen under water all that made an essence of their life.

Friends made waterproof box, placed in it the second-hand movie camera loaded with the film which is stuck together from pieces and went to shootings of a seabed. After many failures they could finish shooting material which was enough on 18 - the minute travelogue.

The first tape was called 18 meters of depth . The movie for the first time was shown to general public on April 10, 1943 in Paris occupied by fascists, in National theater of Shayo. Thanks to success of the movie the group got permission to underwater shootings in a military zone.

Then their early studies of human physiology under water began. It was the compelled step. The matter is that, having very weak knowledge of the opportunities, they constantly put themselves at deadly risk.

Philip nearly froze, a heat too far to the cold sea, Jacques - the Willow grabbed a spasm at test of the independent oxygen device, Didi (so friends called Frederik) nearly choked from - for break of a hose on which gave air.

Time to treat seriously the hobby came. Need of it sharply increased after the invention of an aqualung.