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Who taught Cousteau to dive? Fish looks for

where is deeper, and the person - where fish. This known saying of Jacques - Iva Cousteau is quite applicable to Philip Taye.

Two years of study in the Highest voyenno - sea school allowed Philip to fill up solidly knowledge of astronomy and navigation, oceanography and sea history, the device of the ships and artillery. All this was combined with a regular practical training on management of a sail, rowing, the sea alarm system and traditional knitting of knots.

And, at last, an exit to the high sea by the educational ship Zhanna D`ark . Madeira, Dakar, coast of Africa, boundless open spaces of Atlantic, Caribbean Sea. But in memory there was also an infinite exhausting work on loading of coal in dust, closeness and zharishche. However, having only passed through it, people become the real seamen.

Upon termination of school in October, 1927 Taye enters aboard an old wreck, the vessel Jean Bart in Toulon. The service is monotonous, more similar to a somnolence, any enthusiasm completely is absent.

Active Philip tries to struggle with boredom by all available means. For example, to leave the ship, it directly from the deck dived into waters of port. To get to the room which he rented in the city it did not use as all people, a door, and threw on a balcony a chain with yakorky on the end, and... op, it already above. What from it you will take, youth!

Fortunately, such far-fetched romanticism quickly terminated. Within the next five years it replaced seven ships and what ships! Cruisers, torpedo boats, mine zagraditel. Excellent knowledge, a wealth of experience allowed it to move ahead quickly on service. On August 1, 1933 it was directed to an air transportation Captain " Test; where the next four years researched system of antionboard rolling.

Between times he, povinuyas to trends of that time, constructed the small single plane. However the first test ended with failure, the plane was scattered when landing.

Soon it was transferred to Toulon, the officer again - the instructor on the vessel Condorcet . He devotes all free time out of service to the sea. He was fond of spearfishing.

People, even very far from diving, even not knowing this word, know a name of Jacques - Iva Cousteau. But not all know that just Taye taught Cousteau to dive. Yes, yes, Taye for the first time opened for Jacques - to Yves beauty of the underwater world.

For the first time they got acquainted in 1936, but the first meeting was formal. Cousteau wanted to become the sea pilot, but unexpected road accident crossed out to him the road to the sky. Doctors wanted to amputate to it a hand, Cousteau refused flatly.

After several months spent in hospital, Cousteau was directed to service to Toulon. He should have trained, developed much a hand, and Taye suggested to combine business with pleasure - to strengthen hands swimming.

Philip was already quite skilled underwater hunter, swam with unpretentious goggles, the tube made of a rubber hose and primitive flippers.

Features of our sight do not allow to see under water as clearly, as on the land. It is necessary or apply the special correcting lenses, or to leave a small layer of air between an eye and water. Hermetic points of Philip Taye just also were such.

For Cousteau the relation to swimming was purely superficial. Yes, he liked to bathe, as well as all of us, but no more. The equipment for spearfishing was unfamiliar to it at all. In swimming he saw only means for strengthening of muscles. Sea water corroded to it eyes and irritated with it.

Once to save eyes from sea salt, Jacques - Yves put on goggles of Philip too. What he saw under water stunned him. From this point he decides to devote the life to penetration into sea depths.

The five-year age difference did not prevent them to become friends. They swam together every day and soon became the best swimmers and underwater hunters of Toulon. Being the born leader, always seeking to do everything it is detailed, the pupil soon surpassed the teacher, and the special pleasure and Philip Taye`s pride consisted in it.