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Who invented swimming dolphin ? Whether

Happened to cross ever to you the side separating us from the ordinary and to plunge into the special cool world of fancy underwater landscapes, the world of silence and zero gravity? You saw silvery packs of fishes, solar patches of light at a sandy bottom, the shaggy, acquired rocks and the sunk ships?

If whether yes, that you reflected that until recently, a little more than fifty years ago, it was available only to singles. But these singles presented us the new world. Philip Taye was one of such generous donators.

Truly say that the first children`s impressions leave a mark on all subsequent human life. So, at least, it happened to the hero of our story.

He was born on June 15, 1905 in the seaside town of Mao - Le - Ben. His father served in Voyenno - navy and visited the whole world from Indochina to Tahiti. After campaign in the Pacific Ocean he located in Brittany. At first it worked in Management of sea designs and the weapon in Brest, then it was translated the commander Pirotekhnika Sen - Nicolas near Landerno.

Several years spent in Brittany left an indelible mark in little Philip`s soul.

He was as he called himself, an agile child. Once, still absolutely small, on the way to the beach, Philip as an eel slipped out mother`s hands, ran up on all fours to the sea and as if charmed began to admire of

He liked to travel and carefully surveyed all neighborhood of the town - on foot, by bicycle and on a small kayak. He with pleasure climbed trees, rowed with oars, learned to sail.

But most of all it liked to dive. The father taught it to swim on - European, a breast stroke, but he perceived it without special enthusiasm. Much more Philip was keen when the father told him as in Polynesia getters of nacre and pearls dived. He was amazed by stories about the Tahiti children hunting for coins which the having a good time seamen threw from a board of warships.

And he learned to do as these children did, diving under cases of the ships and coming up on the other hand with a coin in teeth. Philip, also as well as they, held the breath, submitting more and more long distances, to 20, 30 meters and more, remaining in several meters under a water surface. And in seven years he already felt in water freely, almost like fish.

Once at a fair he paid attention to gambling in which it was possible to win a small red small fish. Philip long watched how played others, and waited. Eventually, he played too, its number was happy, and he won fish.

On the way home, in the car, he attentively watched how its small prize floated in a vessel. He found out that when water in a vessel fluctuated from - for uneven are expensive, the small fish thanks to the imperceptible movements of a tail remained motionless.

Nothing from what was told to it by the father was similar to this manner of swimming. Houses, watching the trophy, he thought up the, special way of swimming, on - dolphin. He tried to copy the movements of a small fish, but unsuccessfully. Then he laid down on water and began to work vertically two legs together, as if they were a single whole. It`s a go.

Thanks to new style of swimming it could be ahead of all in water. Whether it is necessary to be surprised that he, like the father and the elder brother, chose a sea profession!

In 1924 Philip Taye came to the Highest voyenno - sea school. It had reputation of the excellent swimmer, was a part of teams on swimming and water polo. Then the crawl, the new style of swimming which appeared after the Olympic Games in Stockholm became fashionable. It was offered to future naval officers to master it. Philip tried to show to the instructor and the way of swimming on - dolphin, but that refused. And it is unsurprising, the order is the order.

What there was Philip`s surprise when in a year he saw at cinema as the performer of a role of Tarzan Johnny Veysmyuller swims on - dolphin! He stole from me my way of swimming! - Taye laughed.