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Whether the sense of humour is necessary for work in the opera?

Where only do not bring us hard on windy youth. To what only a jungle the black humour of destiny - villains does not bring us...

U me, in particular, by 22 years. Here to you and the watchman - the cleaner in circus, and the hospital attendant in a mental hospital, and the supervisor in prison, and the head of children`s theater (it is, frankly speaking, more abruptly than prison will be), and One my friend suggested to publish my service record as the adventure story. Joked, probably.

However, the novel, perhaps, would be thicker Brothers Karamazov but is much more cheerful. However, the most interesting, as always, settles down between lines, that is, does not enter avaricious records of service records. My life - not an exception.

I had enough last century, in stay by the student of theatrical higher education institution, to touch the world of opera art. Clear business, I did not sing as I at that time fondly believed that notes to re mi etc. differ only in names, but not in distinction in sounding in any way (it is no wonder that I was driven from all choruses, since a kindergarten).

And here my ear mutilated with a bear did not influence activity of the supernumerary at all - together with ten volunteers who coveted three Soviet rubles for an exit, I was engaged by the certain Opera and ballet theater which is going on tour in Yaroslavl.

And here the miracle happened! I - in the opera! At an office entrance we were met by the assistant producer who is slightly rocking in fusel fog and transferred to hands of make-up artists and costumiers. And none of us even suspected that he for the opera will be today. In response to our questions the assistant director mysteriously smiled and provorkovat: What to you difference. Your exit in the final .

Costumiers and the make-up artist dressed us in black body stockings under a throat and our persons began to smear with some tar-like rubbish. In a few minutes from mirrors the rack of blood-thirsty Papuans in an unimaginable armor looked at us. The most widely-read of new Negroids came to a conclusion that they give " today; Aida Verdi, were also right.

The assistant director, gadenko smiling in a corner, suddenly told us that the rubbish with which we were smeared is called wood stain and that it is washed away by turpentine only in thirty days, and it is very convenient - it is possible to play Aida the whole month in one make-up. One problem: will give " tomorrow; Imperial bride and guardsmen which we should play, as we know, Blacks were not.

With the words It was the joke the assistant director distributed to us frightening a spear and carried away us in a behind the scenes subsoil. From a scene singing and sounds of an orchestra - " reached; Aida was in the heat, and to our exit in the final remained minutes forty. The assistant director pointed to an openwork construction in east style in the depth of a scene: On blackout you will climb short flights of stairs and you will become on all corners of a roof of an arbor . In a makeweight to copies it handed to us on the flickering lamp and evaporated.

Time was played as a chewing gum Bubl - GUM . I nearly fell asleep, but here my attention was drawn by noise: behind an arbor some man in dirty special clothes began to nail something to a floor. I was amazed: despite of a hammer roar, a coloratura soprano on a proscenium gently removed roulades. The orchestra burst forte, but I clearly heard as the man in special clothes missed the mark with the hammer in a finger and vomited a terrible curse.

It then I learned that the sound wave of an orchestra cuts excess sounds from scene depth, and at that moment I very much doubted that the opera is art.

Behind these thoughts I nearly passed the exit. With a spear in one hand and with the dim lamp in another, I in pitch twilight legs to the touch got up on a free corner of a roof and measurement in a guard of honor. Having a little accustomed, I noticed that below in the crossed beams sing two huge almost square figures. Only a timbre of voices slightly distinguished in them the man and the woman.

And suddenly this sweet couple for a moment quickly merged in a theatrical kiss and right there in whirlwinds of scintillating dust amicably went towards our arbor. I felt ill at ease: it was with the naked eye visible that the arbor, to put it mildly, was small for love merrymakings of dinosaurs.

But a couple, snuffling and pokryakhtyvy, squeezed - inside and merged in vocal ecstasy. I felt how the fragile structure comes to a resonance with voice vibrations, and concerned looked at neighbors in a roof. Slightly shook Moors, a spear and lamps in their hands shook. I remembered the paragraph from the textbook of physics about the platoon of soldiers able a resonance of steps to destroy the bridge, and right there felt how my knees foully shake.

The couple below, at last, decided to give out top la : mezozavra were inhaled a full breast, on a half-step recoiled from each other, and

Within several next years to me in bad dreams vision was: walls of a fragile design with a dry crunch crack, and the roof with Moors falls on the heads of brontosaurs in love. Lying on the kitoobrazny Aida (and it as it appeared, there was it), I in gloomy stupefaction argued on perfidy of a case and could not understand why the auditorium sinks in an applause and shouts bravo! . The Aida, having recovered, unperturbably shook me from a vast breast, pulled out from - under heaps of copies and Moors of the semi-deafened partner and heroically dragged it on bow.

I still store a note of the local newspaper with the otcherknuty phrase: Final Aida just shook the audience. Power of all-consuming love with thunderous applause destroyed all barriers - in direct and figuratively! .

P. S. In a week I looked same Aida in the auditorium. Amazingly, but I enjoyed very much including esthetic. So I came to a conclusion that the true opera art all - exists, contrary to secret life of a behind the scenes.

Dear friends, I so do not want to believe that you will cease to go to the opera from - for the fact that hard brought one of authors of ShZh at the beginning of life not at that door. Though, why not in that? Today I just adore the opera, and even learned to distinguish all five notes.