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Lousy, or Where great people studied?

Heard about Konovalov: good remember it on all neighbourhood, in all near and far places; it is possible to tell about such person: sowed good, strewed with good, reaped good, endowed with good, and his name became honest and memorable in a sort and a sort - these words from the well-known novel of Melnikov - Pechersky concerned to the real person of the first half of the 19th century, to Pyotr Kuzmich Konovalov.

Church of the Intercession in Lousy
the Wooden church of the Cover in Lousy existed long since, but, probably, at some moment it fell into decay, and in 1828 the stone temple is under construction. Pyotr Konovalov, the founder of factory matter in the district was one of benefactors of this charitable business also And in 1884 at the temple it was open tserkovno - parish school which originally was located in church a witness mark.

As Ivan Kokorev wanted to ennoble church?
More than such Konovalov at us would be - well would be to the people (Millers - Pechersky). And here in 1897 Ivan Kokorev, the large tezinsky manufacturer becomes the trustee of hrenovsky school. Having got down to business it is vigorous, he adapted under tserkovno - parish school more spacious building, and in 1900 began construction modern, in full accordance with the last requirements of construction equipment and school hygiene, the stone building in which in 1902 and absolutely new educational institution - only on all Kostroma diocese tserkovno - the teacher`s seminary training teachers for tserkovno - parish schools was open. As Kokorev told during a ceremonial opening: The School is constructed by it in order that by means of it to ennoble " church;. Hrenovskaya tserkovno - teacher`s seminary the School enjoyed

wide popularity, except profound knowledge and excellent practice, her graduates acquired the right to study in higher educational institutions. As Pitirim Sorokin wrote in the memoirs: The Three-year program of training at this school was much more more advanced, students and teachers are stronger, the library and the educational equipment are better, than at initial and second-class schools which I attended earlier. I was quite happy within two years of occupations in tserkovno - teacher`s school. Behind a small exception, lectures and textbooks were interesting and substantial .

I after revolution the Hrenovsky school (as a pedtekhnikum, and then a normal school) continued to train teachers up to 1956.

Among those who studied in hrenovsky Alma - a mater there were many outstanding persons. Who are they?

Pitirim Sorokin and Nikolay Kondratyev

As someone noticed
, judging by the western bibliographies, in the world humanity only two Russians of a name are rather known: sociologist Pitirim Sorokin and economist Nikolay Kondratyev . And both of them studied in Lousy. Nikolay Kondratyev as the local native, got in Lousy also primary education (in 1902 - 1905) in that tserkovno - Pitirim Sorokin studied parish school with which everything began here and in the seminary a course below, than. It, however, did not become a hindrance for their friendship, both in school, and in further life.

Their study in seminary fell on years of the First Russian revolution. They caught revolutionary ideas and became Social Revolutionaries. For revolutionary promotion and distribution of illegal literature Pitirim Sorokin appeared for several months in prison and, certainly, was deducted " submachine gun; from seminary. Kondratyev was also forced to leave ahead of schedule walls of hrenovsky school for the reason unreliability .

Who began with

October revolution in 4 days prior to October revolution? Other graduate of Hrenovsky seminary Sergey Klimokhin (1889 - 1942) - the Soviet statesman, the closest associate of Frunze, in 1920 - e years - the chairman of economic council at first of Ivanovo - Voznesenskaya, and then the Moscow province was b>. It is little-known, but Klimokhin was one of main organizers Tsentrostachki - 300 - the thousand general strike of weavers which began on October 21 (on November 3), 1917. During this grandiose strike which lasted nearly a month 114 enterprises of Ivanovo - the Kineshma industrial region were under complete control of strike factory committees. At factories, and also at railway stations the armed pickets were exposed. The power actually already was in hands of the proletariat some days before fatal events in Petrograd.

Who founded Komi?
Dmitry Batiyev (1896 - 1941) studied in Lousy in 1912 - 1916. By Batiyev`s recognition, in his nationalism as from - for bad knowledge of Russian it was exposed to sneers in seminary Lousy arose. In 1920 D. Batiyev was elected in the Zyrian department of Narkomat for nationalities and headed work on creation of Komi of an autonomy. He played a key role that VTsIK and Narkomnats agreed to its education. However, Batiyev suggested to create the Zyrian Soviet socialist republic with the territory, almost in seven (!) time exceeding the modern Komi Republic. As argument in favor of the republic in the report in the Central Committee of RCP(b) he declared that Komi once occupied all center of Russia and that Moscow is the Komi the name meaning Cow " water;. But in 1921 the country leaders were limited to creation for the Komi only of the autonomous region.

Who else studied

in Lousy?
Alexander Barsukov (1891 - 1958) - the mathematician, the outstanding teacher. He was the manager of the High pedagogical courses, the physicist`s dean - mathematical faculty and the deputy rector of the Moscow university, professor and the head of the department of mathematics at Institute of red professorate, Uchpedgiz editor-in-chief, the main thing the editor of the " magazine; Mathematics at " school;. Its works exerted a great influence on development of a technique of teaching mathematics. The textbook " was written to them; Algebra on which many generations of children at all schools of our country studied. In Hrenovsky seminary Barsukov studied in 1905 - 1907, then was expelled from it for participation in the underground student`s organization which was engaged in revolutionary promotion.

Alexander Novikov (1900 - 1976) - the large Soviet military leader, the Chief marshal of aircraft (1944). Twice Hero of the Soviet Union. Ended Hrenovskaya tserkovno - teacher`s seminary in 1918

Sergey Razoryonov (1909 - 1991) - the Russian composer, N. Ya. Myaskovsky`s pupil. He came from a family of vichugsky manufacturers, well knew M. Gorky`s family. In the Hrenovsky pedtekhnikum studied at the beginning of 1920 - x years.

Anatoly Zamyslov (1905-?) - the creator of many objects of power (state district power station, combined heat and power plant) in the country. In the first years of war was the chief engineer of Management of construction of temporary power plants which allowed to provide for only a few months with the electric power the munitions factories evacuated on the East. Ordered capital power (was the operating " trust; Mosenergo ) . Studied in the Hrenovsky pedtekhnikum in 1920 - e years.

Dmitry Smirnov (1919 - 2005) - the outstanding mathematician - the algebraist, the pupil and the colleague of the academician A. I. Maltsev; professor, was the head of the department of the higher mathematics of a mekhmat of Novosibirsk state university, the head of the laboratory of algebraic systems of Institute of mathematics in Novosibirsk. Studied in the Hrenovsky normal school in 1930 - e years.

Ivan Ushakov (1921 - 2002) - the doctor of historical sciences, patriarch of the Kola study of local lore professor of department of national history of Murmansk state pedagogical university, honourable citizen of Murmansk. Annually in Murmansk are carried out Ushakovsky readings the devoted stories of the Northern region. With the diploma with honors finished the Hrenovsky normal school in 1930 - e years from where without examinations it was admitted to the Ivanovo teacher training college.

Ten brightest graduates of Hrenovsky school are listed above, some are revealed thanks to the Internet only recently. And how many still obscure?

the Boarding school needs the help
In 1956 the normal school was transformed to boarding school, since 1981 it became special (correctional) in which children with speech pathology live and study. Now in a boarding school there live about 180 children, many children are orphans, and the boarding school needs the help.

A year ago the boarding school just appealed about the help. The fund raising action in October of last year was carried out by the " newspaper; AIF . Now, perhaps, here it is better than business, but if someone wants to help, then here the address and contact phone: 155310, Ivanovo region, Vichugsky district. Lousy, boarding school, ph. 8 (49354) 9 - 10 - 68. Sergey Modin, director.