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What do we know about bowling?

in recent years bowling for us became not just professional sport, and on the present active recreation and a way of life. Now in this once a sport, exotic and unclear for us, with pleasure play also young and old alike.

Simplicity of rules of the game in bowling - it is one of main composed success of this entertainment.

Archeologists claim that the first size and spheres were found in the territory of modern Egypt. The first mentions of bowling appeared already seven thousand years ago. Say even that ancient Polynesians played bowling on paths of the same length, as well as we &ndash today; 18,228 meters.

A in the third and fourth century of our era in Germany of bowling was part of religious ceremony. If somebody missed or forced down few size, then he was considered as the big sinner.

Initially the number of size in game equaled to nine. And then when bowling gained popularity and popularity more and more, in the USA in the nineteenth century the first laws on bowling appeared. There were not only are ordered rules of the game, but also there was the tenth a size. And in 1895 the American Congress of Bowling was founded, and in 1916 the first Women`s International Congress of Bowling took place.

In Russia the first bowling - the center was equipped in Moscow in « hotel; Space at the end of 70 - x. At the moment Russia is the hundred tenth member of the International Federation of Bowling in the world, and directly in our country the Federation of Sports Bowling of Russia is engaged in bowling promoting. Recently Iosif Nikolaevich Ordzhonikidze &ndash was elected its president; vice-the prime minister of the Government of Moscow. As you see, even the authorities are engaged in advance of bowling in masses. In regions there are federations of sports bowling, submitting to the center in Moscow. One and all regional federations with this or that frequency hold tournaments and the game championships in bowling.

Game goes to bowling on system of ten size and consists of ten frames. Now the sphere to the player moves automatically, but before emergence of the car for automatic giving of size and a sphere, size were established manually. For this purpose there was even a special position - a pin - fight - from the English word pin - a size. The player throws two spheres in each of the first nine frames if only in the first attempt there was no strike (when at the first throw of a sphere all size get off), the strike is estimated at 10 points plus number of the size which are brought down by the player for the subsequent two throws of a sphere. If the strike did not occur, then to the player so many points how many size it brought down are added.

In the tenth frame the player throws three spheres if the strike is included. The throw of a sphere has to be made only manually. Counting of points happens at each throw of a sphere. Except for cases when at the first throw there was a strike, quantity of the size which are brought down by the player at the first throw of a sphere it is noted in a small small square in the top left corner of the corresponding shot on the monitor, and quantity kegel brought down by the player at the second throw of a sphere it is noted in a small square in the top right corner of a shot. If any of the size standing in a frame is not brought down at the second throw of a sphere, in the field of counting of points the crossed out section is put. The total account for two attempts is counted and highlighted on the monitor at once. The winner the one who gathered the greatest number of points admits.

Bowling - one of the most tremendous types of rest and entertainments. I strongly recommend all who did not try to play bowling yet, it is obligatory to try. And who already played and managed to fall in love with it, just with pleasure I invite them to party in bowling.