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How without loss to pass crisis of the middle of life?

my acquaintance Natalya for many years with ease of the ballerina tried to balance between career and a family. But once she felt the woman, aging, diffident and irritable on any trifle. She wondered, me, other people: why the profession why the relations with friends and a family change how to slow down the happening changes in appearance ceased to be pleasant how to stop time Continuous why and as did not bring rest and the world.

That Apparently, former choreography left her life. So-called crisis of the middle of life succeeded. Time of the analysis of the lived years and revaluation of vital values. How the person will cope with understanding of these moments, it will become clear whether he will feel is more senior or is younger than the years.

We will try to understand what crisis such and as it to live without loss is.

For most of people the middle of life does not become time of its full revision, and only the period of thin control. On my researches of different sources, so-called transitional the period is the share of age from 35 to 50 years. At women it occurs earlier, than at men. Most likely, it is closely connected with the grown-up children. At men thin settings quite often can far begin for 40.

The period of crisis of the middle of life something reminds the teenage period. People can feel a certain hover in life when the internal nature opposes to the coming new phase of life. In 16 years the teenager does not wish that communicated with him as with 10 - summer. In the same way and 40 - it is not pleasant to the summer employee when with him manage as with the young specialist.

According to stories of my acquaintances, they wanted to take part in various social projects or with the doubled force at this time to be engaged in the appearance. Which - who began training in higher education institution, being based on the fact that children grew up, and time for self-realization was released. At someone the hidden talents which were not demanded by

earlier the Period of opening of a second wind when the hope to grab the good luck " still glimmers were shown; for a tail . And many, having passed through crisis, begin to be engaged in what they always wanted. There are new forces, life gets new sense. Not such it is terrible, this period as it is drawn. Will pass almost imperceptibly. I hope which - that from offered by me it is capable to facilitate your way.

- Quietly, without panic, enter a new phase of the life. Remember that return to youth will not be. Accept as inevitable the new period. Do not expect to cope with crisis for few weeks. Be adjusted to accustom with a new situation within half a year - year. And, perhaps, you will not notice at all that you pass it.

- Think of positive things which are at mature age, but which are not in youth. For example, the taken place career, happy long marriage, financial independence or own housing. When you pay attention to what was reached, it will hardly want to return to the period of formation and disorder.

- I know how it is difficult to perceive the coming date of birth. Be not frightened, and rejoice to this moment. Such rituals as celebration of days of births, anniversaries or other memorials update your feelings, help to remember from where you went and where you go further. Relax these days, quietly argue over the life, try to correct a further way.

- Do not become reserved at all, plunging into memories of former years. This best time to share the feelings with close people, to accept a family support. Every week find time for discussion of the events with you. Do it only in a benevolent manner.

- Communicate to the person is more senior than itself which passed already this crisis. Ask him that he felt during this period what he opposed to what he followed. It will help to understand itself better. In comparison with someone`s situation, own will not seem such painful any more. It will become easier for you because that you not one by such left with the problem.

- Banal council, but nevertheless. Recover wonderful experiences of the childhood. Remember what was pleasant to you when you were a child? For example, re-read favourite books of the childhood. It can look ridiculously, but if you try, then you realize that you should not long for past tense. You will understand that the childhood and youth in you in some measure remained. Also new inflow of energy will come.

- Good exercise which will help you to concentrate on new tasks and not to long for the past. Take a sheet of paper. Break it into three columns. In the first column write down the purposes which you wanted to reach in the childhood. In the second - what purposes you precisely refused. In the third - the new purposes to which you will aspire in the next 5 years.

- Incredibly return of by another helps. Begin to train others in the experience, impart it the necessary knowledge, help them to take place now. Instead of shining most why not to derive pleasure that others with your help will show the talents.

For me the middle of life - completeness and a maturity! Life only begins to reveal in all the beauty. Well and that that I became more senior! What I achieved, with interest outweighs what was in the past. I like wisdom and experience of middle age. And to you?