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How in Moscow build beautiful houses?

in Moscow are under construction and gets off Presently various buildings, especially much in the last years. Salaries on buildings very small and Muscovites of course are not engaged in such dirty business. Contract organizations try to employ builders from the neighboring remote cities, but those go reluctantly from - for the fact that are afraid of deception. But it is more than enough of Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Moldavians, Tajiks. Rabotadateli them is taken very willingly, even without watching that all of them without documents and without housing.

On these people make huge money everything to a lump only not laziness. Suppliers who have the percent employees of the Department of Internal Affairs - which allegedly preserve them, the employees of OUFMS protecting them from deportation instead of deportation from Russia, poddelshchik of documents which in one day do registration and the work permit, customs officers and conductors and of course employers.

Arrived such worker to Russia, it from the station at once is defined on building, later, fir-trees it though is a little valuable to it do false documents, and severe everyday life of the builder begins. They live usually directly in the same place where work, work without days off, and almost without rest. A week five hundred rubles on food give them once if do not forget what happens very often, sometimes buy mattresses and blankets at the rate of one set for two of three, and absolutely seldom do the acceptable conditions for life - a shower, heating, a toilet. Most often gasterbayter come for big term - half a year, year after which go to the homeland, carry with themselves the remained earned money and all from it it is good. quality what

A such repair? Of course quality leaves much to be desired. Materials are bought by Chshche of all the cheapest, their most part suffers when transporting and unloading. It is much used on the second time as workers with oromny work represent what is flatness and a right angle, moreover the majority of them does not speak Russian at all - therefore nearly not one wall does not do without alteration. Will stay tay repair of year two, and even it is less, but there are also pluses - it will be fast and cheap, so in a couple of years it can be repeated.