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How to secure itself in places of a mass congestion of people?

Will - bondage it is necessary to happen in places of a mass congestion of people: subway, markets, sporting events, public transport. Even when everything is quiet, to be in big crowd is fraught for health what to tell about panic. But there are several simple rules which observance can facilitate considerably existence in a peace time and save life in extreme. It is not obligatory to observe them at all, but, as well as in a case with traffic jams, they can help you.

1. Footwear with special protection of toes. It either special construction footwear, or various variations grinder . Such footwear rescues from squeezing and a spresovyvaniye in " meat; fingers which can occur in crowd. To press through special protection to pain, it is necessary oooochen to try well. For memories of the author such was not yet that him was few times and it is shown to the interested people (a jump on a leg and strong blow in a leg, toes mean). From pain which can arise at a nastupaniye someone on fingers it is possible to lose balance for a second and to fall. There is nothing more terribly, than falling in crowd: can trample to death.

Besides the main function of protection of toes, such footwear allows to kick something properly: glass, a door or another - without fear to appear with the broken extremity. And fracture of fingers quite unpleasant state.

2. Never to exhale completely. Next time to you can not allow to inhale, and it threatens with asthma. It is necessary to breathe often and small portions, without daring to inhale or exhale air completely. Besides the fact of breath there can be a squeezing of a thorax and even, in case of receiving an opportunity to inhale, it will be difficult to make it. For medical reasons.

3. Hands have to be polusognuta, fists are clenched, and to watch elbows slightly sideways, but not to be pressed to a body. It is necessary for prevention of squeezing and a fracture of edges. Edges can break differently, and piercing of lungs, alas, too is quite frequent the phenomenon. Besides, such pose gives vital space which can make, in turn, room for maneuver. Everything depends on a situation.

4. The clothes have to contain a minimum of decorative elements which can be hooked about something: home decoration or other people. It is good if you only tear a favourite thing and if you fall? It is possible to fall not from - for gearings, and from - for the fact that you dropped out of the speed of a human stream. He can not forgive and just crumple, throw on a floor.

Most, perhaps, unpleasant that is more connected with extreme situations: your life depends entirely on you. Also there are no low blows or actions. If it is necessary, it is necessary to work actively elbows, hands, legs. The most sad that attempt to rescue the person can lead to death already of two. It is a moral dilemma, but it is necessary just to be released and understand that it will be important for own family.

These simple rules will help you both with everyday life, and in case of extreme situations. Panic can come literally at any time. And if you know that you can get to places of a mass congestion of people, then it is better to take measures to, than later which can not be.