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What the motorist needs to know for driving as in winter?

are Fall an artful season for motorists, and the closer to winter, the worse - accidents become more and more. And to all fault at all not malfunction of brakes, carelessness or non-compliance with traffic regulations. In total as usual, and drivers go as got used - as in summer, but in the summer and the brake way is shorter, and there is no sliding! How to avoid accident on own fault? We now will also tell about it.

Quite widespread phenomenon is an evening ice in the fall. Temperature by the evening falls that leads to a podmerzaniye of an asphalt covering. It happens both in rainy weather, and in dry. Ice is dangerous that it increases a brake way to ottormazhivatsya, therefore, it is necessary to begin in advance, can lead the car in turn . Dangerous asphalt is defined very simply: it begins to sparkle in beams of automobile headlights. As soon as noticed something similar in the evening, know that the treacherous crust of ice from above was already formed.

It is worth remembering that in front of the traffic light is formed by setup . It can make tens and hundreds of meters . Setup it is very strongly similar to an ice skating rink. It is formed from - for the fact that cars begin to pull up and slide on asphalt (remember how in the childhood rolled a skating rink, the same here). It should be considered when braking. Also it is worth not to forgetting that cars will start from the traffic light not at once, and after pro-slipping (they stand on " too; setup and it is the ice polished). Therefore summer maneuver when you hope for fast start of the standing cars, does not work. It is easy to podrikhtovat before the car and to present a rear bumper or in general the back to the colleague to the motorist.

Quite widespread phenomenon: sleet. And it so many that it does not manage to thaw that leads to formation of snow porridge. This the most dangerous that can meet in the fall. It is better to refrain, of course, from trips this day as the bulk fights then. As a rule, the majority of cars is put in summer rubber, motorists protect studded rubber to which naked asphalt is extremely harmful. Coupling of summer rubber with asphalt at such porridge almost zero. How to be also what to do?

To go slowly, without exceeding 40 - 50 km/h, transfers need to be switched without breakthroughs, smoothly. Breakthroughs often drive cars which smoothly passes into uncontrollable to drift. Transfer has to be lowered, and transition on following is overestimated (switching on the third to make instead of usual 40 km/h at achievement 50 km/h). To brake falteringly, in order to avoid drifts, and from far away as the brake way is MUCH longer . If you stand on the traffic light, then at approach of the car behind is necessary to play signals stopary : to press several times on a brake . Thereby you you will frighten the driver of the approaching car also you will draw attention, and the driver will begin to brake in advance. In such day try to overtake nobody. Overtaking and so maneuver risky, and on summer rubber (you remember that even if at you costs winter, then at the majority - NO) it in general becomes deadly.

These simple and simple rules will help you to avoid strong problems during driving during the cold period of fall. And it is also the most important.

Successful roads and big brake way.