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Wintering of cactuses: what, as well as for what?

In the world of houseplants cactuses occupy a special niche. I think, nobody will begin to argue with it. These plants are not similar to other representatives of flora of our window sills at all. They live and develop under the kaktusny laws and rules. Here one of such rules says: in winter time other detention regime, than is necessary in the summer.

So it is wintering for cactuses? It no other than a dormant period during which cactuses have a rest and gain strength. It is very important point in their activity. At this time all physiological processes in fabrics are sharply slowed down, growth stops, cactuses prepare for a new season of vegetation. This period approximately within 3 - 4 months lasts.

How to arrange to cactuses wintering? Since September, it is necessary to reduce gradually watering to 2 - 3 times a month. Air temperature has to decrease gradually too, otherwise plants will intensively lose moisture, without receiving it in exchange. Approximately at the end of October cactuses will be already ready to winter. They are placed in the cool, well lit place with air temperature 6 - 12 C. Watering during this period is practically not made, only small cactuses can be humidified slightly once a month that they did not dry up at all. For control of temperature the thermometer is necessary, and it is possible to control watering by means of a calendar of waterings at this time or just every time to celebrate date of watering.

If there is no opportunity to move cactuses in the cool room, means it is necessary to reduce as much as possible temperature where they remain for the winter. For this purpose it is possible to make an obstacle of glass or a film on the edge of a window sill to block intake of hot air from electric heaters. After heating shutdown such obstacle is removed. As a last resort, it is possible to use cardboard boxes, cleaning at them a wall from a window.

Air temperature on a window sill should be controlled surely by means of the thermometer too. If in hard frosts it is too low, then under pots it is necessary to enclose the sheet of polyfoam or thick foam rubber and to cover them with warm fabric from a stream of cold air from a frame. It will help to avoid problems which can arise owing to overcooling of root system.

For what cactuses so need wintering? at many they also so-so grow. But here in that is continually that just grow, and so-so. Namely cool contents in a dormant period to cactuses is simply vital. The matter is that the lowered air temperature promotes course in cages of special biochemical processes as a result of which flower kidneys are formed. Contents during this period in the hot room leads to the fact that the plant continues to grow without rest. And insufficient illumination and short winter day in total with waterings lead to a stalk curvature, exhaustion of a plant and lack of blossoming.

Careful surveys of cactuses need to be begun in January not to miss emergence of buds. Because cactuses with buds already need other detention regime. They need to be transferred to a light window before the others and to begin to water actively. Without enough moisture buds can dry up, without having managed to develop. From the beginning of emergence of buds before blossoming at the majority of types there pass about 3 - 5 weeks.

Thus if you want to grow up the full-fledged beautiful cactuses which are annually pleasing you with the blossoming take care of that they have well a rest in winter time. And they will not disappoint you, believe!