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How to meet New 2008? We think out the scenario of a New Year`s party.

the saying - " is known to All; As you will meet New year, so and you will spend it! . But many for some reason celebrate from year to year this holiday equally. If your New Year`s evening is accompanied every year by Russian salad and traditional New Year`s telecasts, and all this bothered you, safely change everything!

That the New Year`s party took place on hurrah it is worth deciding on its scenario in advance. For a start decide where and with whom you will celebrate. Composing the New Year`s scenario, you remember all guests of this party, try to think over everything so that everything it was interesting and cheerful that nobody started missing alone.

For drawing up the scenario of a party it should be taken into account features of the coming year also. According to east calendar new 2008 - year of an earth Rat (mouse). To get support of a terrestrial rat, the coming year should be met in clothes of warm solar colors - orange, all shades yellow, lemon. As a souvenir as a gift it would be quite good to friends and members of household to present a figure of the mouse or something, decorated with its image.

Quite widespread and very good option of a meeting of new year - a party in the country. Here even it is necessary to think out nothing - that almost. Even if you have no country house or giving, it is always possible to agree with friends and to remove a lodge or a cottage in the country for the period of New Year`s holidays. This option is good the fact that the New Year`s fairy tale can be stretched for several days, in the country such clean air, and snow white - white. And as it is exciting to build a big snowman and to play snowballs with friends, and then to be heated at a fireplace with a cup of cocoa or a glass of cognac!

If it was not succeeded to leave the city, do not despair! At home too it is possible to arrange a holiday, the main thing to include imagination and to think up something unusual. Surprise the family, let this New Year`s party will become the best and will be remembered by all for a long time!

It is possible to arrange thematic New year. For example, in cowboy`s style. Let all guests will come dressed up in cowboys. It is possible even to stage a contest on the best cowboy`s suit, and also other competitions corresponding to subject of a holiday. Whisky, cigars and tequila, of course, has to be an integral part of cowboy`s New year. The leader of a party let will be a sheriff with a gold star on a breast.

Other option of a thematic party - New year in piracy style. Conducting evenings in a suit of the Captain Jack Sparrow ( Pirates of the Caribbean Sea ) welcomes guests at an entrance, offers a glass of rum and hands everyone a stripped vest and a bandana. When all pirates will be assembled, it is possible to begin a party - fascinating competitions, search of a treasure, drinking piracy songs, all this is rather original and will for certain be remembered to your guests for a long time!

If you have fears that in thematic parties the special New Year`s atmosphere is lost, do not break tradition. Arrange the present New Year`s fairy tale better! Let all guests will come in suits and in masks - the real masquerade will turn out. The earlier you report to the guests about a fancy-dress party, the more interestingly and more fascinatingly it will take place as there will be time to think up and prepare good suits.

Father Frost if it is the man, or the Snow Maiden - if the girl can be the leader. By the way, here too it is possible to dream up. The Snow Maiden can be not in a long blue fur coat at all, and in a nice miniskirt or even just in bikini from white fur. Father Frost too that was not hot to light at a party, let it will be limited to red shorts, a white beard and a cap.

If you do not grudge a floor, walls and furniture in the apartment, you can arrange New Year in " bikini; and to have a shower bath champagne. Such scenario will hardly suit much as after douche by champagne all will become sticky, but if you celebrate New year in a country cottage and there is a pool, then why and is not present! Believe, it is very cheerful. Such New Year you will definitely not forget!

During a party guests can improvise, to think out competitions and to entertain each other. But everything will be much better to think over in advance and to elect the leader. Undoubtedly, the leader will be the main character of a holiday. Therefore let it will be obligatory very charismatic personality allocated with many talents. For example, ability to improvise, ability to find a way out of any unusual situation, well trained voice etc. But the main thing - it has to be very charming person able to gain from the very first look.

Holding various competitions, games and quizes mainly belongs to the leader`s duties. It is most active part of entertainment program in respect of involvement of guests. Once feature considers all guests and to select such competitions that it was interesting to everything to participate in them.

After guests ate, admired the show organized for them, participated in competitions, they for certain with pleasure will rush to a dance. A disco - obligatory part of a New Year`s party. Here it is important not to be mistaken with the choice of music. That it will be: a disco 80 - x, modern pop-music electronic music, or something else - depends on guests. Dee - Jay can be conducting parties or somebody another, the main thing that this person could catch mood of crowd and adapt to its interests.

Finally it is worth preparing something especially bright that the impression of the spent New Year`s evening remained exclusively positive. Ideal option - colourful fireworks, bequeathed to us still Peter I. It is possible to go to the street and to povzryvat petards as it does the majority, and it is possible to arrange salute from confetti and the serpentine directly in the apartment. Personally I prefer the second option, it not only safer, but also as it seems to me, more beautiful - multi-colored confetti turn a holiday into the present fairy tale!