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How to correct short-sightedness? Part 2

Application of medicamentous therapy for stabilization and correction of short-sightedness is based on the principle of preventing to too close focusing of eyes. The drugs " entered into eyes; will paralyze for several weeks or months the mechanism of their focusing. This method is not recommended for broad practical application as it can exert impact on formation of visual mechanisms, especially at children`s age.

Ortokeratologiya. the Method consists in regular use of specially designed lens (OK - lenses).

When the short-sighted person puts on such lens, it in several hours gradually changes a cornea form, doing its center (an optical zone) of more flat. After removal of a lens the cornea some time keeps the new form, the image is focused on a retina, and the person well sees. Then the cornea slowly restores a former form, but good sight can remain about one days, and even two.

Selection OK - lenses - business very difficult, demanding from the doctor of high qualification. Usually selection requires several couples of lenses (from two to six) and from several days to two weeks. The last couple of lenses is offered for regular carrying. Serve OK - lenses long: at the corresponding leaving - not less than two years.

The result of an ortokeratologiya reminds result of surgeries - the flattening of the central part of a cornea giving good sight without points and contact lenses. Difference consists that the effect of an ortokeratologiya is temporary. If to stop putting on OK - lenses, then in several days the cornea restores a former form and initial sight comes back. OK - lenses do not relieve of need to carry special contact lenses, but reversibility of consequences - undoubted advantage of this method before refraction surgery.

Carrying bifocals - the method which was widely applied in 70 - 90 - x years of the last century, continues to be used and now, but is more rare. As one of the reasons of a miopiya are raised efforts on focusing of eyes, bifocals promote reduction of these efforts and, thereby, detain development of short-sightedness. For this purpose on usual lenses which are inserted into points special glue pastes small bifocal lenses. Considers the remote objects of people through usual lenses, and when reading or examining of close located objects looks through bifocal.

The most suitable candidates for their carrying are children and teenagers from whom it is possible to achieve relaxation of the focusing muscles. People with a psevdomiopiya for whom bifocals in combination with therapeutic methods can be very effective remedy also get to this group.

In practice this approach works not at all children and teenagers wearing such glasses. Possibly, the habitual distance at which there is a reading is of great importance. Many short-sighted children wearing bifocals begin to hold the book even closer, than earlier. Reading at distance of 20 - 25 centimeters from eyes conceals effect of bifocals - focusing of eyes continues to be stimulated, and the miopiya continues to progress. Application of bifocals becomes more effective if to keep the book or the considered objects at arm`s length of 40 - 45 centimeters from eyes.

In due time I used such points, but constantly their could not carry. And here it was very convenient to read in them, actually.

Performance of exercises for independent training of eyes.

Since ancient times were applied to improvement of sight exercises - various movements of eyes and special massages intensifying blood circulation in eyes and a brain. Exercises promote reduction of fatigue of eyes, improve the general health and remove stress. At the heart of such effect - certain communications between a glazodvigatelny nerve and nervous cages of vessels of a brain. These exercises help to strengthen also okologlazny muscles, to keep elasticity of skin a century, to detain her aging. Now there are many options of exercises and massages which are used for training of eyes. Before starting their use, it is desirable to consult to the doctor.

The interesting technique of biochemical stimulation of muscles of an eye was offered by the Minsk professor V. T. Nazarov. At the heart of a method - use of the vibrating massager, as at stimulation of face muscles. Vibrotod put vertically to an external corner of the closed eye. Vibration is transmitted through skin to an eye without injuring it, working not deep into, and along an eye surface. Then the movements by eyes diversely are carried out. Thus it is possible to stimulate eye muscles. As a result visual acuity increases and the exhaustion is removed, the range of action of the muscles reducing a crystalline lens increases. It is useful also for prevention of far-sightedness.

Modern techniques allow to correct and treat successfully eye refraction pathologies including with application of microsurgery. But for all age groups, and especially for children and teenagers, the leading role is played by prevention of various violations of sight.

From all-improving measures it is expedient to use regular trainings physical culture, a hardening as short-sightedness is more often, far-sightedness and an astigmatism develop at the weakened people, and also performance of special exercises and regular checks of visual acuity at the doctor.

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