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What are dangerous mobile / at phones by? Non-standard surprises.

Much should face announcements of purchase / sale of cell phones. Most often in transitions or before large shopping centers.

First of all, the price of similar purchase seduces. As a rule, sellers / at would offer the mobile device much cheaper, than analog in shop. In the modern world the economy is one of important factors of a survival therefore you should not be surprised that there are such people who acquire similar goods. But they do not think of possible consequences.

1. The device may contain the latent defects : it is wrong to process SMS - messages, not to support any services provided in phone. It is marriage which at fluent survey to find or it is difficult, or it is impossible.

2. The box from phone can not coincide according to number with him. How it can be when both a look, and documentation from this model of the mobile device? On a box there is number according to which in case of loss of phone it is possible to return it. This magic check of IMEI is called. On it it is possible to prove that your phone (number is unique and does not repeat anywhere in the world). But in case of banal discrepancy you will not be able to prove and make anything.

By the way, in Great Britain use of stolen phones is impossible. And not least from - for the fact that the person reports to law enforcement agencies this IMEI.

3. Phone can be wanted . And it is good if just upon theft. And if murder or still some heavy and especially heavy crimes? Such phones consist on the account and under certain circumstances can bring on a threshold of your apartment of quick employees. Evidence is a minimum that threatens in this case, about more serious consequences, up to arrest, better and not to speak. For this reason it is better not to use also the found phone.

4. There are mobile devices to the latent factory defect, or just it suddenly right there will break . In case of purchase it in legal shop to return, give on warranty repair or it is possible to demand equivalent replacement. And here upon purchase / at a consent to return or replacement completely remains on conscience of the seller who, most likely, will not go to it. It is not favorable to it, and loss of the client can be neglected.

5. Also unexpected hidden opportunities of phone can be found. Some seller will try to supply you with the to no - Hau. Installation in devices of the listening devices, at the included enciphering, gives the chance of wiretap of telephone negotiations. Motives such improvements can be various, but completely it is impossible to exclude similar surprises.

It is the main dangers which would conceal in themselves mobile / at phones. And the saved money can turn back big problems in the future. To avoid similar problems, it is better to follow recommendations above and not to neglect them in hope to save.

Successful to you purchases.