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How not to fall a victim of cellular swindlers?

the Mobile phone became an integral part of our life. Everyone has it almost and not to have own phone it is already considered lag from life and bad taste. And where there are law-abiding users of mobile communication, there always are those who want on it to earn . And it is not mobile network operators. What main methods are used by swindlers for depriving of money at trustful people?

Quite often on the Internet it is possible to see requests for the help and the translation of any sum of money to the specified address. For reliability number of the mobile phone, but without the city is specified. Many can tell that it is tricks the Internet - swindlers, but it is right only partly. They specify a phone number on which mistrustful can call and specify whether on the business the help is necessary. And for a call from it will withdraw quite decent sum as he called on special, paid number . Therefore it is necessary to be very accurate, the city is not specified specially that it was most difficult to find swindlers. Therefore before calling, it is worth looking for information about this trouble in the Network, suddenly where will emerge.

Recently similar declined, but still takes place to be: advantageous SMS . They are on behalf of operators, radio stations and other organizations. The essence is reduced to simple: pay us a symbolical money (a card of payment of cellular communication, transfer to the bank account or still what mechanism constructed by swindlers), and to you there will be a smart prize. Is such who is ready to pay 200 rubles for promised video and not only to technician. All are escaped by the fact that neither mobile network operators, nor radio stations, nobody is engaged in similar at all. People, just dishonest on a hand, are covered with their name that the bigger number of people trusted.

There is a reception which can be characterized as extreme situation . To one of relatives the call arrives and the unknown reports that their relative got to militia / hospital / ETS (necessary to emphasize). To help, it is necessary to transfer urgently money in the specified way. As a rule, agree to accept payment and cards of mobile payment. The most terrible here in what cannot be understood whether part or actually there was a trouble. Malefactors can pick up such moment when the alleged victim is inaccessible, and any attempts of relatives to check reliability of information will be vain.

As it is rather honest to withdraw money by means of the " TV; we already wrote. Therefore in detail we will not stop.

Such types as depriving mobile on the street, sale of the damaged or stolen phones belong rather not to intellectual to look, and to a brute force therefore we will not tell also detailed.

Any kind of fraud is under construction on trust of people. On their naivete and belief in great freebie . Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap, it should be understood perfectly. And not to be conducted on a string. The most sad that swindlers sometimes beat the most painful points: problems with relatives, urgent help to the sick person. Before taking any actions, nevertheless it is necessary to check repeatedly. Yes in critical situations the account goes for minutes, can object me, and here already decide that it is better

It is only the main ways. The world does not stand still, and swindlers also. Therefore it is always worth being on the alert.

Successful to you uses of cellular communication less swindlers on your way.