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Whether Monomakh`s cap, or What problems of the leader is heavy?

Speak if you want to make laugh God, tell him the plans. And yes the truth, the person assumes, He has. So we - that strain, suffer and we demand from the objectives subordinated performance, actually we scoff at them, poor and unfortunate, - as from them you hear. Let`s laugh weepingly.

By the way, on individual consultation the head complained that subordinates are dissatisfied with him. I was even enraptured with such words and calmed, I yet never read, never heard and never met the person who would speak of the head in positive sense. Same it is natural! In - the first, from outside any work seems trifling, especially work of the head, whether it be firm or state. In - the second, each of us considers a trifle in the pocket. In - the third, everyone always exaggerates the volume of a foreign pocket and, as a result, is always not happy with the management: and for what they receive more? In - the fourth, these heads underestimated us, did not notice, did not allocate etc., etc. But here if paid attention to us and supported, We, to us, about - go - go! And there is a wish to exclaim: yes empty everything, misters!

The genius does not need to be helped and it is even harmful because any difficulties only temper his character, give forces in creativity. The genius silently and persistently achieves the objectives independently. What can be done? Or to it to stir it, to get under feet, or to serve silently, fighting girlfriends perfectly succeed in it, and it is difficult for man to serve similar, somehow humiliating, agree. And here only three options are possible: 1) big difference of intelligence; 2) big age difference; 3) general values. If these conditions coincide, cooperation is set up. Look through history, be convinced.

The help in opposite ingenious option: well what to tell? The untalented person, he is also the untalented person. If I a belmesa do not understand carpenter`s business and I do not plan to be engaged in it in life at all, then all your efforts are the water spilled in sand: left and as happened.

Here we will also strike balance, misters businessmen, politicians and statesmen! Where wealth and prosperity of the country? And what business when the country starves is?! And about what policy it is possible to speak if citizens even within the country are oppressed, and it is abroad better to keep mum about the nationality? And if to unite these results, then there is an idle time in essence a question: what public servants on the " are engaged in; to service ?! From all directions only invocations and spells as on a sabbath or in the market of the woman shout sound: let`s strengthen ruble! let`s lift the country! hurrah! forward! you give! long live! also it is not admissible!

A of the state doctrine both was not, and is not present. And when will appear, to one Makar it is conducted, probably, though he does not know any more how from us, such clever to get off: you are businessmen, here and feed the country, politicians - here and understand accurately and clearly for all! And we, dear readers, will not assimilate to Makar, and we will try to deal with the questions raised to us by a current state of Russia at least generally.

The law of political lag of masses says: the people and the power always work in an opposite phase. And that is why, it is possible to understand. In any system what both your enterprise, and any state, a difference only on the scale of a force field is. There are opposite forces which balance defines its stability. These are centripetal and centrifugal forces of society: the state / enterprise / firm is a centripetal component, people / societies / subordinates - centrifugal. Interaction of these forces is also the biggest headache of any head. And really, the only method of association of masses is a promotion of the VALUES, general for this group. And it when each member of society, on the single and small groups, thinks only of the mercenary INTERESTS! The horizontal balance of forces also defines a levost or a pravost of party lines; according to the theory I tell it, but not how is at us in the country in which everything mixed up, as in Oblonsky` house. And the right cause, is ridiculous: the people wail that wants a private property, bothered to think and the state stoops on it (here politically correct we lower epithets), give, give, give! What to do to people`s deputies? They carry out will of the people, in passing build political career, take seat more densely in chairs, begin to penetrate into the questions posed And in windows already other cries rush: what you imposed to us, we cannot divide without blood here the country hundred parts where the law, it is terrible to walk the streets where our rights why we are not millionaires Also the people do not know that money yet and never united anybody. Also he does not know that the law is dialectic: for rich one, for poor another, is various for full and hungry, at the owner the, at the subordinate the! The double standard is an essence of hierarchical system without which the sobstvennichestvo is impossible in principle. I recommend to inquisitive heads Inequality Philosophy Berdyaeva.

To work for the owner, for this miroyed? Yes in zhist! As even sounds in Russian! That is it is necessary to understand so: on the owner I will not be, on the state I do not want, on myself I am not able. That`s all state construction Debate ended, without having begun, misters. A banquet, a buffet reception, coffee - a break at us, eventually.

There are a lot of examples far. Please. There was a powerful state, there was a social order, there were even classics, but shouts: clamp creativity, do not allow to be developed, do not appreciate etc. And there is already no strong, uniform state, but where great works?! We will not consider a pornography, agreed? Who managed to be washed away on the West, speak from - for a hillock: we here, us here Yes anything similar! If in the homeland you are necessary to nobody, the - your voice does not participate in public cooperation, in the foreign land your verses, prose and pictures interest nobody at all - the fact! There are enough the.

In business constantly more and more large sharks eat small, and again questions to the state: why the antimonopoly law does not work, and in the province about its existence and do not know? Also finance out of harm`s way is taken out, and and will be before powerful social explosion because the power in an antiphase, it lives in other time.

For simplicity of understanding of an essence we will remember Solomon`s ring: And it will pass! The People are full and happy, Solomon is sad as he understands that it will pass, and it is necessary to prepare for hard times. But with whom to work? Looked around, nobody understands it and wants to stop fun or there expansionist policy, private-ownership interests prevailed in society. Here also the head alone longs. However, if all - it managed to be prepared, the people overcame inertia of subordinates, then when there came severe times, as it is necessary, in panic and crying drag everything that under a hand turned up, but stocks helped to avoid social revolt, and the head already knows that it will pass too, and prepares for the next future. Well also try to preach the state values in hungry and greedy masses! Fiddle while Rome burns! Look at mass media: bread and shows! Receive a show and bread on the TV screen. And absolutely voice crying in the wilderness: come round! Also this voice heard by nobody will sink. And who it, warm, will allow to the microphone?

A question of balance of forces very capacious is also beyond editorial article. Therefore we will only record an idea essence: nobody to you will serve, nobody will help you to fill the pocket, nobody serves others interests or you will be robbed as required by your assistants. Are well, guilty, you put private interests in the head! Receive. And in your mansions there will be fine recreation centers or kindergartens as in Russia happened already and more than once.

Dovlatov somehow told: do not ask from God of an additive. Truly and still as. Both called the ship, and he went hiking, and it is impossible to develop it any more in any way: late, silly, senselessly. The wise head is shown at Bulgakov when the colonel under the responsibility releases soldiers to avoid senseless bloodshed, here and it is visible: the person knows service. Stalin needed such people therefore loved this play. The firm can be closed, and the state? And the fact that Russia was not lost, says that above all - think of what is done.

And we, misters?!