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What medicinal properties the guelder-rose possesses?

Improving walk on the autumn wood will bring even more benefit if to pick guelder-rose berries. the Guelder-rose ordinary is extended by

across all flat territory of Russia: it grows in the damp shady deciduous and pine woods, thickets of bushes, on cuttings down, on coast of reservoirs. Grow up a guelder-rose and on garden sites.

It is a high time to pick berries of a guelder-rose in dry weather, in October, after the first frosts when they almost lose bitterness. It is possible to remove from berries bitter smack and in house conditions: it is necessary to take berries for 6 - 7 minutes in the boiling water. An optimal variant - to cut off berries together with fruit stems not to damage their gentle pulp. Then fruits need to be scattered a thin layer, some time to dry them on air then to finally dry in an oven at a temperature of 40 - 60 C. Only after drying of berry it is necessary to clear of fruit stems and to store in a linen or paper sack in the cool dry place. Period of storage of the fruits of a guelder-rose prepared thus is not limited.

Fruits of a guelder-rose is a diabetic product. They contain sugar, tannic and pectinaceous substances, essential oil, amino acids; are rich with ascorbic, acetic, valerian acids, A, P, K vitamins, and also the phytoncides killing pathogenic microbes.

Berries of a guelder-rose are known as the operating means at treatment of many diseases. For treatment of a hypertensive illness , by of atherosclerosis , of gastritis , of colitis , of stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum , of cold , of vascular spasms appoint infusion guelder-rose fruits which can be prepared the next way. To pound 20 g of fruits, to make them in 250 ml of boiled water, to insist 4 hours, to filter and drink 100 ml 2 - 3 times a day before the use of food. Outwardly this infusion apply at nasal bleedings , skin rashes grease .

At cough and to bronchial asthma can use a little in a different way the prepared guelder-rose infusion: to pound 40 g of fruits, to fill in them 200 ml of hot honey, to insist 2 hours, to accept 1 tablespoon 4 times a day after food.

Juice from berries of a guelder-rose is appointed on 50 ml by 2 - 3 times a day at asthma , of a hypertension , heart troubles and a liver , use as rinsing at quinsy , diseases of gums and even wipe face skin at rashes and eels . For preparation of juice of a guelder-rose it is necessary to wash up berries in cold water, to dry and wring out juice. It is important to try not to press especially skins of berries since they are the most bitter. The turned-out juice should be mixed with sugar in the ratio 1:1. After that spill on banks, close and store in the cool place. By the way, in process of juice storage the bitterness in it disappears.

The recipe of preparation of a guelder-rose in own juice is widespread : fruits need to be spread out in glass jars to a third of volume and to fill up with sugar up to the top. The bank should store with leaky covered cover in the cool place, in half a year the guelder-rose in own juice will be ready.

Appoint a guelder-rose and at hypostases of a warm and kidney origin , liver diseases , as a demulcent . Berries of a guelder-rose possess strong diuretic and sudorific action . Tea with a guelder-rose and honey is useful to at cold and flu . Juice and broth of fruits of a guelder-rose are known as protivokashlevy and astringent, they help at hemorrhoids , prick . It is necessary to accept on 1/3 - 1/4 glass of broth with honey concerning 1:2 3 - 4 times a day to food. The fruit drink from a guelder-rose is appointed as vitamin means at the lowered acidity of gastric juice and a hypertension. It is necessary to remember what for achievement of medical effect of berry of a guelder-rose should be used regularly.

And juice from fresh berries of a guelder-rose is widespread as cosmetic : it promotes removal of freckles, treatment of eels, bleaches skin. For achievement of more noticeable effect fresh juice can be mixed with sour cream in equal parts, to put the turned-out mask on a face for 20 minutes then to wash away water.

However at hypotonia, the increased acidity of gastric juice, arthritis, gout, an urolithic illness and during pregnancy fruits of a guelder-rose are contraindicated .