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Underwater robots: what can they? Foremen of depths

If robot to supply

with the corresponding manipulators, then it easily will be able to do something under water - to fasten and turn off, cut off and to weld, deliver freights down and to lift on a surface. And are not terrible to do it for hours - to it high pressures, a lacunar illness and overcooling.

Even more often robots attract to construction, inspection and repair of the objects which are under water. Such as gas - and oil pipelines, underwater cables, petrotowers, dams, support of bridges. Specially created devices use in the nuclear industry for check and carrying out simple works in radioactive water tanks. And, of course, for visual inspection of berthing facilities and the bottoms of vessels.

The most interesting task for robots is inspection and cleaning of aqueducts and systems of the sewerage from within, there, where the person cannot reach at all. So, in one of the longest water tunnels of the world, the Delaware aqueduct, there were cracks through which thousands of cubic meters of water daily leave. For repair of the tunnel it is provided to use the tiny submarine - the robot.

Now two pilotless submarines are actively used at construction rossiysko - the Turkish " gas pipeline; Blue Stream the Black Sea lying on a bottom.

Brains are internal, external and collective

For survey of the sunk ship sometimes have enough to lower a television camera on a cable. If it is important to examine the flooded object from within, and depths do not allow to use the diver, then the independent, freely moving robot is simply irreplaceable here. It is important only that the robot itself found the road back.

And for this purpose it needs powerful brains. Modern computer processors can quite cope with the majority of objectives, the main thing, there would be a suitable software. Just it also is the main difficulty during creation of robots. But that`ll come. Programs are constantly improved too.

But even if the power of the on-board computer has not enough, the robot can find a way out independently, having used... Internet. With its help the robot can use free capacities of other computers for the purposes or just use the special databases which are in a network.

Nevertheless, developers provided also means for communication of robots with people. Robots can communicate quickly with each other and with the operator, using the principle of the distributed network, as on the Internet. It allows to transfer with guarantee information even at failure of several autonomous knots of a network, and mind robots can quickly adapt to any change of conditions of transfer.

In a chasm behind gold

In spite of the fact that underwater robots cost very much, they can quite pay for itself. According to some information, about three million are based upon an ocean floor (!) the sunk ships, the majority of which are not found at all. Besides that the ancient ships represent purely archaeological interest, they may contain huge treasures. To take at least galleons of the Spanish silver fleet.

Quite recently in the Strait of Gibraltar the British warship 17 of a century onboard which there were ten tons of silver and hundred tons of gold coins was found. The general harvest can make the sum to 4 billion dollars. However, until underwater robots managed to lift from depth of 800 meters only a gun, a kernel and some other parts of the ship.

Search of underwater treasures is so delicious bait that a certain American by the name of Coffman began to make on it money. He organized Search association - the firm equipped with tens of the specialized ships and underwater robots. But he does not look for treasure. He leases equipment. To whom? To treasure-hunters.