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How to choose this irreplaceable product No. 2?

- the Boy! You where take such huge condom?!

- For growth!

the Condom has to hold responsible part as a canary in a hand. Poorly you hold - will fly away, it is strong - you risk to strangle. Therefore the sizes of a product play an important role. Of course, everyone chooses on himself. Here it is necessary to look in both.

Producers know long ago that and to the Arab countries it is necessary to deliver products to Africa more, and in Hugo - East Asia and to Europe - it is less. And somewhere in the middle there are we.

Better a pebble in a boot, than the opening in an elastic band Researchers from the people was carried out by

many various tests which allowed to draw certain conclusions.

Buying condoms, pay attention to packing. On the best it is written that they are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Do not forget about a stroke - a country code - the manufacturer and number of party. And any amateur work in the put marking.

Packing has to is irreversible to collapse when opening. If a product of uneven thickness, with smudges, folds and deformations - before you a fake. Tells about low quality also a putrefactive smell of a product.

We will pull rubber

Producers of products carry out difficult tests, up to check on electric breakdown. Then it is proud give a mark: It is checked by " electronics;.

To us beyond its powers, but it is possible to use rather reliable test for a rupture of a condom water. Pour in it in water until it bursts. Three liters of water will enter it - perfectly, two - two and a half - too it is quite good, but if it is torn after one and a half liters - do not buy this brand more.

From this point of view the best is, perhaps, SICO (Germany). Not bad PREVENTOR (Belgium), INNOTEX (France), CASANOVA (India) proved. And here ROMANTIC, INTIMITY and OPIUM obviously pumped up. Moreover, in some copies of the last brand holes meet. And it not a sock, a hole you will not darn

the Purpose justifies contraceptives

In the world of condoms there are many various gadgets. Let`s list some that you knew what to look for:

First of all - a form. Though not it determines content. The textured condoms are supplied with erotic frills for a shchekotaniye: pimples, ribs, circles. Konturirovanny are the condoms fitting a body tightly. These will not fly. Condoms with decorative jewelry - a fine surprise for the partner. Here only they are unreliable, with all that it implies details.

I do not know for what them let out, but there are products not only multi-colored, but also glowing in the dark. And is also such at which on a tip the bulb burns. And what it lights there?

the Flavored condoms smell of cognac, chocolate, wild strawberry. In a word, all on any scent. And for fans of oral sex and on taste. There are products with honey, mustard, pepper. You will lick a finger!

Condoms with spermitsidny greasing provide double protection. The preparations suppressing activity of spermatozoa are a part of greasing. To some greasings add exciting substances, to others - the anesthetics allowing to prolong love games.

And here - a novelty. Condoms with nozzles for increase in the worker of body. It is a difficult design of reusable action. But is also such in which the same effect is reached not at the expense of mechanics, and at the expense of chemistry.

In fashion interactive condoms. The clever condom with the loudspeaker publishes therein up to 20 phrases, for example, if the condom tore, he shouts: The Person behind a board! . The musical condoms whistling a popular melody in the middle of work are simpler.

the condoms reacting to composition of sperm and changing color if the person is sick Are. And condoms for jealous men change color if in breaks between appointments the woman had someone another. This cunning feature remembers biochemical information about owner and then looks for traces of others men`s enzymes and if finds - changes color.