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And you know that such product No. 2?

Oh, how many for us opening strange prepares educations spirit...

Davny - long ago, in unforgettable school days, our himichka arranged excursion to rubber plant. Showed us as form rubber as vulcanize rubber and as do surgical gloves of latex. But one shop was avoided for some reason.

Naturally, such confidential room of the Blue Beard caused burning interest, and we slipped away exactly there. What did we see? Yes the same, as in shop with gloves.

Only huge drums which are partially shipped in latex were covered not with metal models of hands, but the strange big and thick fingers which are rounded off on the end. They were dipped into latex and allowed to dry up, and again dipped, increasing rubber thickness.

After drying nice girls in white dressing gowns two fingers accurately twisted a ringlet on each cover. So, giggling, we learned as do the well-known product No. 2.

Each good invention deserves good history

A do them so long ago that is hardly trusted - 3300 years! At first condoms did of skin, but on that and progress to offer new materials. In the 17th century the court doctor of the English king Charles II Kondom invented condoms from sheep guts.

And in 1930 began to do condoms of latex. This material remained the best and today.

A joke in a subject:

- you Know how Chinese do rubber gloves? They just dip hands into latex and dry up.

- And how they do condoms?

God helps those who help themselves - the conventual told, pulling on a candle a condom

Why from all methods of contraception people use mainly condoms? They do not provide absolute protection against undesirable pregnancy?

The answer is simple. They have practically no contraindications and well protect from infection with venereal diseases, including, from AIDS. Well, and protection against pregnancy can be duplicated other means, for example, tablets.

Can not only die of non-compliance with safety measures of people, but also be born

Reliability of a condom depends also on correctness of operation.

to Take it from packing and it is necessary to put on carefully not to tear nails. It cannot be greased with vaseline as fat reduces durability of rubber and does it porous.

But what to do if it all - flew, or, God forbid, tore at midpoint? Well, well, there is also it. Only without panic.

Most reliable, no later than two days to see a doctor. Only he can register tablets for pregnancy interruption, taking into account features of an organism of the victim, - Postinor, for example.

And any syringings help a little, moreover, can even promote and aggravate.

No pasaran - the enemy will not pass!

Earlier at us in the course was only two brands of condoms. Products No. 1 and No. 2. Then there was only one. Sex - that was not. But there were many mothers - heroines. And many of them were those not absolutely voluntarily.

Now condoms sea razlivanny. In Ukraine about 250 brands are on sale. Different in the sizes, form, color, smell and composition of greasing. It is easy to get confused.

But the main criterion for us there is one - they should not pass the enemy in fortress. So, they have to be strong. But at the same time also thin, elastic not to be felt, - as though they are absent.