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How to cast a dream?

What is the time are necessary for the person for a full-fledged dream? The answer is ambiguous. 2 - 3 hours quite are enough for one, it is not enough other and ten hours. Almost Napoleon did not sleep. Churchill on a dream needed 5 hours. A little Pirandello and Giulio Andreotti slept. Probably, it is not duration, and as a dream. How to learn to sleep qualitatively? It is hard to make it.

In - the first, the minimum duration of a dream, most likely, is caused genetically and is descended. Secondly, it is impossible to make the general recommendation for all, each person has internal clocks. And to adjust them to the general schedule - a crime against itself.

But nevertheless, there are certain general rules. Do not drink before going to bed alcohol: the alcoholic drowsiness is not a dream, namely drowsiness, it only extends time spent in a bed. It is before going to bed good to air the room, whenever possible, to reduce in it temperature to 18 degrees, to take a shower and to dive under a warm blanket. Helps to pomerznut a little before going to bed, and then to be warmed.

Whether it is possible to sleep in the afternoon? And why is also not present? In the southern countries with the Latin American customs it is the legalized process - a siesta. In Greece there is almost no diagnosis - death from a heart attack. And why? Very simply: people have a nap after dinner about half an hour there.

As a rule, the way of life of long-livers from the Caucasus and other Mountains means the deep, lasting not less than 13 hours a day, a dream. Sleep more, and live longer. Though there is no strictly expressed dependence here too. A little sleeping, for example, the same Churchill, lived long enough.

So live quietly, you sleep how many you want, it is a lot of or a little as your organism feels, and do not imitate other people - they others, not you.

Well and if there is a wish to sleep and it is not slept? You were tired, lie in the dead of night in a bed with open eyes and... and all. You are weighed by a whole train of ideas, affairs, cares, you are tormented by feeling of impossibility to make the elementary thing which you in youth did thousands of times, without reflecting - to take and fall asleep.

Do not consider sheep or elephants. You do not hurry to accept strong tranquilizers. Drink better tea from camomile flowers. It is simple to prepare it: the tablespoon of dry flowers of a camomile should be made in liter of boiled water and to insist within 15 minutes. As a rule, the glass of such tea causes good sound sleep.

If the camomile helps poorly, try to boil a valerian. For this purpose the tablespoon of a grass or the crushed root of a valerian should be filled in with a glass of cold water and to boil within 15 minutes. Then drink should be cooled and filtered.

The pustyrnik possesses similar action, but not everyone will decide to drink broth from it as it is bitter. But in passing the pustyrnik reduces a blood pressure. Teas with a calendula, the tributary, wild strawberry leaves help.

If sleeplessness pursues you constantly, sew a small sack from cotton fabric and fill it with the same herbs. It is possible to add a marjoram, hop and fennel. Also the hawthorn, rose-petals or a dogrose, listya currants, a thyme, mint are good. Choose that is pleasant to you more.

Put this sack near a pillow, and the light smell of salutary herbs will make to you sleepy every night. Even having put a usual birch broom under a pillow, you will sleep much more strong.

Well and if you the pragmatic city dweller, and to you is no time to potter with herbs, in drugstores it is possible to get the preparations developed from vegetable raw materials, for example, the same tincture of a valerian.

The active ingredient which is contained in a valerian - isovalerian acid. It is used for receiving Corvalol, valocordin, validol and other drugs. Therefore 25 - 30 drops of valocordin or Corvalol are capable to have similar effect.

Now many firms let out the fine calming dietary supplements to food. As a rule, they are created on the basis of mixes of natural vegetable raw materials: a valerian, a sinyukha, a melissa, hop, mint and tens of other curative herbs in various combinations. Any chemistry .

Safely accept them, and quiet to you night.