Rus Articles Journal

How to find treasure in the fountain?

Hi dear friend. I know where it is possible to find treasure. Listen as I found it.

Once, on Sunday, we walked in park. Usually this day two fountains worked. Today one of them was empty. Passing by an empty okrugy bowl, I heard quietly:

- Mother. Mother.

Where earlier water streams streamed, wandered the kid, 3 - 4 - x years.

- the Boy to help you?

Ya approached edge of a granite parapet and gave a hand.

- is not necessary, I am.

It pulled hard a breast on the roundish polished surface and crept out to us. His jacket of green color became protectively - camouflage. Eyes were widely open. It seemed that the blue sky looks at me.

- You were lost? there is no

- we play at hide-and-seek with Ksyusha and Andrey. And they are absent.

- Anything, be not afraid. They will come soon.

Ya looked round around. A high bush, birches, fir-trees kept silence. How it is possible to help it? - I thought.

- And where do you live?

- There. Mother, the father and I live there, - he vaguely showed a hand. Suddenly I noticed the girl and the boy of years 12 - ti which jumped out of bushes and hid behind a high bowl of the fountain.

- is good, we went. Your friends will be soon.

the Child followed me and embarrassed me.

- you will not come to me on a visit?

- we Will come, of course.

- But you strangers?

- As? Absolutely not, - I became puzzled a little. I very much liked the boy.

- We yours close friends.

- the Truth? Then you come. When you come?

- Soon.

- Today? there is no


- Tomorrow?

- It will be soon. We will come to you on a visit soon.

- So you come. And I will run and I will tell mother that you will come to us.

- So far. To a meeting, - I bent down, shook hands with this small miracle with surprisingly beautiful eyes.

We went the own way.

- Mother, mother!

Ya turned back. The kid clambered on steps on a hill, without noticing the friends. There above was a bench where young mothers sat. It appears, one of them watched the events all the time. We smiled to it and went on the avenue away.

This casual meeting left a mark in my heart. The good mood arose easily and naturally. I thought that on our way treasures which we do not notice at all meet every day.