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Whether all should pkhatsya to the capitals?... Aria of the provincial of

... Somehow it is considered by itself what to live in the capitals very remarkably, and all who there do not live yet have to be torn there, and those who already there - differently to push away them that did not ponayekhivat. There in the capitals both culture, and work, and earnings and in general not sickly tusnya.

Some residents of the capital, for example, are seriously sure that except it there are neither institutes, nor computers anywhere at all, nor in general nothing, and at once behind city boundaries continuous cowsheds begin. You think, it is a hyperbole and polemic reception? Anything similar. I read - quite seriously it was told. Well, I think, probably what teenager underdeveloped. And it turned out - the aunt for 30, both the diploma, and parents is teachers. Then several times met, ask about the city in hundreds of thousands of inhabitants - and that, there are " programmers;? No, a bast knit. It is direct all hundreds of thousands.

The most opposite is when somebody from the remote place who nevertheless bought vanity and some assumed great opportunities also took root into the capitals, begin to wrinkle a nose and to crookedly pronounce " words; backward provincial ... Very much they want to become capital features quicker. And everyones there backward and provincial Edgings - where of

Are not present Shagala, well in old times - it of course. Both for the doctrine, and for for the sake of culture it was necessary: spare bast shoes for a back, dried fish in a bag - and to the capital. In backwoods or in the mountain aul, of course, Lomonosov you will not become, and Komissarzhevskoy too. In Soviet period - except the capitals it is simple to devour there was no place, behind sausage went. And now - that? In our century of the satellite plates, the Internet everyone there mass media, planes, etc.?

There are, of course, professions for which it is necessary to live in the megalopolis. Well there TV reporter, film director, diplomat. Of course, is also such who just loves the megalopolis because he was born there and grew - it is business another, he agrees to suffer all shortcomings just for love to a home. But it is not so frequent and happens - that, generally everything, as got, loudly tokut about unprecedented capital opportunities and not only a few capital earnings. Earnings, it agrees, more, but also expenses is proportional more so the dry rest absolutely the same...

And on most - that matter now in the province everything is, except super - capital theaters and the large museums. To which the capital inhabitant, as a rule, almost never goes because he elementary has on anything no time... In the decent country the supermarket of the tiny town differs in nothing from a super in the capital, there are no ware and food problems any, and in a cultural trip it is possible time - in a year to that megalopolis all these museums and theaters it is not worse to go and visit two there, than capital inhabitants. And often it turns out that the provincial about the museums - that also knows more because he during the time saved on bustle and everything about them read, both studied reproductions, and found research about pictures.

And from where at the working person will undertake for this time if he is forced to spend daily 2 - 3 hours in transport? On the way from work or study? Or he driving in traffic jams takes a steam bath, or in the crowded car is pushed. And this every day. If to estimate, then 2 - 3 hours daily - it mean that the capital inhabitant for EVERY year of life goes MONTH! It is all the same that annually by train to Sakhalin to ride. When I wrote this sudden conclusion in the blog, the heap to the people answered me: well you, it not a downtime, we on the way read... We supposedly also read all world classics in transport, and that where?

Here especially krapivny readers can ask:

- And can do it you with envy finish yourself what there it is so heavy, and itself and is glad and sins do not let? I will answer

I: I - that from St. Petersburg ran away in due time, despite of the Petersburg apartment and a registration (and I had a constant, not pound to raisin), and in 25 years seconds did not regret. And I have a housing there and now. So any " grapes are green; this my true and not turbid outlook.

And this subject arose when in that conversation I heard about this most read all classics in the tram . From here me precisely scolded: as it is good that I neglected the Leningrad registration in due time and sailed away to lovely provincial Odessa! This unfortunate really think that reading in noise, in jolting, in the stuffy, dark car filled with smells of armpits and rage and in nerves but whether I will be late - it is full reading! Yes as can compare

- that?

Of course, in the tram, standing on one leg, it is possible to read some detective crap or even to try to learn something (though the doctrine this lousy). But the big, brilliant, sincere, favourite book it is necessary to read houses , in a favourite chair, under a favourite ficus. That it was silent that lighting such as to you is necessary that near by a small basket with apples, and in legs the purring cat . That it was possible and to cry over the book and to postpone it just to think... Is not present

supposedly speak - we from all this abstract. So and from the book - too. You will cry in the subway over the novel? Aha. And you will laugh with all the heart, to exhaustion? It is unlikely . Unless is squeezed to give a grunt, and that will be lop-sided at once.

Reading on the way and IN PUBLIC, in the angry crowd - suits only for books of the checkpoints which are not touching soul. And literature pearls, those books which raise to the person soul force it to cry and laugh and be terrified - read in a crush they are thrown simply out by you overboard consciousnesses. The birdie is put: READ. In total.

your Soul in it is did not participate.

Well as a last resort I can agree to reading in a reading room of good library, in silence and among old books. But not in a second-hand market, overhearing squabbles and reports well and the youth went, competent, read here and the place never ustupyut .

- Yes we also do not notice all this, - the victims of the megalopolis beat off.

- On the contrary. If you notice nothing, a kasatika, then daily would find yourself at a final stop and without purse. But it does not occur, you leave at the stop as pretty, and a handbag at you. Means, everything you notice , though you do not realize . And this dim light, smells of others bodies, the reek of alcohol and gasoline, the squeezed abuse - all this it is invisible it is besieged in the head and on the read book . No, no, also you do not ask. Aura bad there and any the hair dryer - Shuya!

There is also one more difference: population. The people in megalopolises zadolbanny, from daily flashing of thousands and thousands of persons they developed a special callosity: they see nobody. Yes there differently and it is impossible to live. And in the province counter and cross attentively look at each other, both see, and communicate. Sometimes to ridiculous - you will ask how to pass, and informal conversation comes to half an hour. And all disperse happy with each other.

Especially in Odessa. Here it is necessary carefully: if in a minibus to ask such question, then all minibus will fight, proving that its way to pass to the right place - the best! And the offered option of a way not necessarily the fastest: it can sometimes be the most beautiful! Well and at the same time you will tell them to whom it is necessary to you there and as! They, maybe, and his grandmother still remember