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How to be prepared for a meeting of New year?

Before celebration of New year remained not enough time, and it is necessary to be in time so many! That the holiday was remembered for a long time and brought many positive emotions, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance.

The first what it is worth thinking of is gifts for relatives. It is desirable to begin to choose them in advance, at least weeks for two, and it is better - a month before a holiday. It will help you to avoid holiday vanity and turns in shops. Besides carefully considered gift for certain will bring more benefit and pleasures, than bought hurriedly in the last day.

So, the gift is chosen and waits for the festive hour to be presented. And you incidentally did not forget about its registration? For certain somebody will object and will tell that the essence, but not packing is important. But I consider that everything is important! Even the usual teddy bear in a beautiful box with a bow will give

more joy, than just teddy bear.

Beautiful boxes with bows are, undoubtedly, well. But original packings for gifts - it is even better! It is possible to put a gift in a beautiful paper package and up to the top to fill the remained place with candies. Such option especially will be pleasant to children and adult sweet teeth. Instead of candies it is possible to use the multi-colored tinsel or walnuts painted by gold and silver paint.

It will be healthy if you agree with friends or relatives in advance and you will hang out houses Christmas " socks;. They can be bought in shop or to sew independently from red and white fleece. In these " socks; gifts with notes are put - to whom they are addressed, and on New Year`s Eve after hours punch twelve, presents are solemnly distributed between guests.

We dealt with gifts, now it is a high time to think over the scenario of a holiday. Be defined with whom and where you will meet approach of New year.

Ideal option - to go on a visit. After a New Year`s party on a visit you will come back home where you purity and an order, will lay down in the bed and will quietly sleep off. While the owner of the apartment where there took place the party, will wash and clean this apartment all next day.

And if all of you decide to invite guests to the house, I will tell only one - your decision is praiseworthy! It is very exciting - to be the hospitable hospitable owner.

So if you invite guests to yourself, take care of food, drinks and entertainments. Choose entertainments for the company such that it was interesting to all guests that all participated and nobody missed aside. It is possible to arrange traditionally a round dance around a fir-tree, to sing songs and to light Bengal lights. And it is possible to think up something such, for example, to arrange a masquerade or even show with previously made detailed scenario. Anyway, if the New Year`s party takes place at your place, try to make so that it was for a long time remembered to your guests.

Responsibility for food and drinks will be reasonable to be shared between all guests. Let everyone will bring with itself(himself) some dish. Only agree in advance that on your holiday table twenty five identical salads did not appear.

, It seems, everything was solved, it was necessary to choose only a dress for a New Year`s Eve. Too it is worth thinking of it in advance, do not postpone so important purchase for the last days before a holiday, it will be offensive if in shop there is no necessary thing and there will be no time to find it worthy replacement.

In recent days before a holiday decorate the house. Except a traditional big green fir-tree, and maybe instead of it, it is possible to put in each room a small pot with fir-tree branches. Beautifully and unusually, especially in the evening when already darkens, the windows decorated with garlands from small multi-colored bulbs and a door look.

Children can be attracted to decoration of the house too - let cut out from paper of a snowflake and decorate with them the room.

Expectation of New year is an anticipation of a miracle. And this miracle surely happens! So, prepare for it properly.