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Puppy: how to choose and where to buy?

All issues are agreed, duties are distributed, money is saved, neighbors are warned. Debate about advantages and shortcomings of various breeds remained behind. A choice is made. The die is cast: You buy the Puppy.

Choice and purchase of a puppy not only very responsible, but also long process. Begin with visit of bookstore and purchase of books on the breed interesting you. If you watch photos of dogs - champions, then study the description exterior. Pay attention to features which presence at a puppy is undesirable. And especially on those, at existence or lack of which the puppy is not suitable for further cultivation. It can be the color of eyes unusual for this breed, or existence of spots on a body, or perhaps on the contrary, their absence. There is a lot of subtleties, for example: growth, weight, proportions, color, bite, shape of the head. All this should be remembered and to understand everything. Very much also visit of exhibitions at which the breed which interested you is presented will help. In the same place it is possible to specify unclear details and to strike up useful acquaintances.

Further we start the most important step. To the direct choice. You remember, you choose not a toy, and an animal who for many years will become the member of your family. Even if you do not plan to participate further in exhibitions and competitions, you should not buy obviously rejected an animal as very often visible external shortcomings accompany more serious deviations. And as the nobility, maybe, will pass time, and your interest in dogs will develop from simple hobby into desire to be engaged in their professional cultivation. And here not to do without participation in exhibitions and competitions any more.

So: where to buy? The best decision - to address to the nursery which is engaged in cultivation of the breed chosen by you. It is necessary to understand that nursery is not the apartment in the multi-storey building or even the private house where all known cynology of breed at the same time gets divorced, and as if you were not convinced of the return what arguments would not bring and what documents would not show - do not believe the eyes. Advantages of purchase of a puppy in nursery are obvious. You will not be deceived, having sold sick or with a bad exterior an animal. Your puppy will be given, in case of need, the qualified help of the veterinarian, and will offer you consultations in questions of education and contents. But there is also minus - the price. It can be higher average market several times. Moreover, to you it can be refused purchase of a dog from - for lack at you of experiment or on another, sometimes not to the most objective reason.

On the second place in this rating it is possible to put club of dog breeding. But, besides, such club has to be with name and it is obligatory to have own room. Attending exhibitions of dogs, pay attention to progress of various clubs and level of their pets. As a rule, the club management is more loyally ready to future owners of the pets, but all the same, they will strongly recommend you to be engaged in training and to participate in exhibitions. If at the appeal to nursery or club to you suggested to register in turn in puppies and to wait a little - very well. Register, choose from the offered options and wait. But remember: the real nurseries and clubs for not been born puppies do not ask advance payments.

In case you very much do not want to postpone purchase, open the newspaper and read announcements. There information on already been born puppies is, as a rule, placed. Popular belief that through the " newspaper; you will buy nothing good - mistakenly. In the newspaper place information not only individuals, but also clubs and nurseries. Though, in this case it is necessary to be even more attentive. Deception is possible, but it is possible to open it already at the first telephone conversation. For this purpose it is necessary to find out from the seller not only a nickname of parents of a puppy, and and the name of club in which they are registered. Then very carefully to recheck everything, having called club, and it is better personally than it having visited.

And here it, the most concerning moment: you have in hands a list of the puppies applying for an honorary title of your Dog. Usually puppies are offered for sale at the age of 5 - 6 weeks. At this age it is already possible to present with high probability what dog will turn out from the small fluffy lump which is rolling out to you towards. Here very much the knowledge of an exterior gained from books and after visit of exhibitions will help. Examine not only a puppy, but also his parents. Pay special attention to proportions of addition and to frame . The puppy has to be cheerful and active, move easily and widely, to react to percussion on a floor, cottons and it is easy to enter game. Eyes and ears have to be pure. Wool brilliant and to conform to the standard on length, color and structure. Do not trust sellers if they say that the puppy still will fade, will change color or structure of wool.

Having visited all applicants according to your list, it is possible to make a final decision. To post bail and, having waited until to a puppy 7 - 8 weeks are executed, to take away it home.

All difficulties at the choice and purchase of a puppy behind. But you should apply still a set of forces that from an amusing soft toy to grow up a healthy and well-mannered dog.