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How to gain weight without harm for health?

almost all glossy magazines dazzle Presently with photos of slender beauties and a heap of councils how to grow thin. There is an impression that all mankind suffers from obesity. And how to be that who falls short of the standard standard of beauty on the other hand? Excessive leanness spoils a figure, the clothes hang as on a hanger and if you also small growth, then even from expensive boutique politely send you in Toy Store .

To gain weight, it is necessary, as well as in a case with obesity, to define the reasons of the wrong number of kilograms. If you strongly grew thin, and at the same time you have a small appetite, the lowered tone of muscles, you suffer from chronic fatigue and do not get enough sleep, you need to see urgently a doctor and to establish the weight loss reasons. The list of diseases which result in unhealthy leanness is rather extensive. These are various hormonal violations, including misoperation of a thyroid gland, nervous breakdowns, tuberculosis, diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, defeat by helminths, various oncological diseases. The earlier it will be possible to reveal an illness, the it is more than chances to get rid of it, so, to take not only seductive shape, but also health.

In this article I want to share experience with those who on the majority of medical indicators are absolutely healthy.

1 option . Your constitution such is that to gain weight in necessary places to you it is very difficult. In this case, it is possible to resort to the help of the professional coach in the gym and the nutritionist. It is possible to increase volumes due to extension of muscles and the balanced food.

2nd option . You have an accelerated metabolism. In this case even big cake is capable to burn down almost completely, except for harm from sugar in pure form and a large amount of fats. Quickly acquired carbohydrates and fats are capable to do much harm only so on eating of confectionery, chips, fast food and all in what the young ladies who are eternally keeping to diets limit themselves, you should not stake. It is necessary to include in the diet so-called slow carbohydrates and proteins. They contain in grain, potatoes, black grain bread, fruit, dairy products, macaroni, meat, seafood, nuts Krom of advantage for forms, these products will help a brain, and that slow carbohydrates are split gradually, you will have enough vital energy for all day.

Endocrinologists advise people with the accelerated metabolism to eat often (five times a day), but gradually.

Try to get up for half an hour earlier to have breakfast quietly, without haste. During food harmfully also to read, listen to radio or to watch TV.

What to do if does not getting hungry? Should just increase power consumption - i.e. to play sports. Any. For a start there is enough shaping or aerobics, the pool, the bicycle, rollers - everything will approach. And muscles which will appear slowly will give desirable completeness. Observe a day regimen, get enough sleep, more often be in the fresh air.

And yet, you never noticed that among stout persons there are much less extremely emotional persons? So besides balanced pitaniyastoit to balance also an emotional background. It will become much simpler to live. Try to be nervous and not to be out of composure as little as possible. Develop in yourself a certain calmness. Refuse the products exciting nervous system: alcohol, coffee, strong tea, cigarettes, tonics.

In Ivan Efremov`s book " razor Edge; very simple, but wise and right thought contains: The Beautiful woman is a healthy woman . So you watch over the health, eat properly, and the organism itself will return to normal.

Good luck!