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How to survive underground or Why people to so evil subway?

were Never noticed for themselves that when you go down in an underground kingdom of the subway, in you as though someone is installed, you become more rigid, not more tolerantly, more irritably? Is not present? Then you were exclusively lucky - this abyss did not absorb you yet. But, for certain, you often observe the tired embittered faces, face roughness and rudeness, become witnesses of the conflicts.

Why people are so cruel on the relation to each other? It is quite probable that houses love them, at work appreciate and respect. But when they plunge under the earth, all human evaporates, and on faces there are masks distorted by rage.

No wonder to become embittered when day by day it is necessary to go down in a human ant hill, in a crush to lay itself a safe route, maneuvering and moving as soon as possible not to be trampled, to enter fight for the territory where it is hardly possible to go in two legs. Sometimes to us elementary does not gasp, we choke in limited space, on us walls and people press.

Naturally, in such conditions any trifle enrages. But! Let`s not forget that we are not one. Around us too people with the same nervous tension inside. They were tired too and want to escape quicker outside. Let`s treat with understanding to each other . It is pleasant to you when you are passed, give way, apologize if incidentally touched or when in response to your apology sounds not rough it is necessary to be " more carefully; and understanding anything terrible . You want that so was always? Then let`s begin first of all with ourselves and not tomorrow, not from next Monday, and directly today!

It is not so difficult. Pervo - napervo needs to learn to notice around himself fine and not to go in cycles in negative. There is a girl inspired with something flits, hardly concerning the earth. Start, smile, think of pleasant - and you will have an ease and ease in gait too. And here school students laugh on all car. It is not necessary to grumble that again it will not be possible to take a nap. Just be glad for them, remember yourself the same carefree.

My first trip in the crowded transport is not connected with negative emotions at all. On the contrary, it was amusing, shaking here and there, to hang in situation reclining on the neighbor on the right, on the neighbor at the left. And how here to resist laughter? These are now such trips irritate, but once was differently. Means, all - it is possible to look at this problem with humour.

And you observed sometime a picture how people rush into the car at terminal station to manage to take the place? Any patience will run low if at the same time you are pushed away elbows and unless do not jump through the head. And you remember children`s game when participants are one more, than chairs, and at the command of the leader itself should manage to take the place. Cheerful game! Try to play it in the subway.

If during this game or in any other crush someone touched you, pushed, do not hurry to be angry, do not snatch with insults on the offender at once. It is quite probable that he made it incidentally and not from the evil. Instead of venomous reproaches and rough charges to a vzovita to his sympathy. Well, for example, here so: Your bag very painfully sticks to me sideways . The apology will be natural reaction. If in reply you heard roughness, do not assimilate. Just the person who neither in a family is not loved got to you, nor at work do not respect. Mentally sympathize with it - it in much worst situation, than you.

In the subway it is much more pleasant to go to the companies - behind conversation the road seems well and do not manage to notice gloomy faces. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, but nobody will prevent to dream to us. Remember people who are dear to you. If thoughts are occupied with something pleasant, time flies quicker, and troubles pale into insignificance. Being pushed in turn on the escalator or pushing itself into the closed car doors, try to distract from gloomy reality, begin to make plans for the weekend, holidays or holiday.

Many, likely, noticed such feature: when you hurry, people, as ill luck would have it, begin to get under feet. The suspicion creeps in that the whole world agreed against you and makes difficulties. There is a wish to curse the first visitor who got up in the middle of a way, having barred all the way, and cannot solve in any way, far farther to go again not to get lost. But unless this poor creature is guilty what you are late? Understand its position: it in others city, the first time in the subway, and here all run somewhere and are pushed. Perhaps to wave on everything and to help it to find the road? Let`s be more attentive to each other .

The majority of the conflicts and collisions happens from - for our haste. And if to begin to leave a bit earlier the house not to be late and not to hurry anywhere? Vanity gives rise to nervousness which on a chain is transferred from one to another. Just you insulted, and later some time got nasty with you. Evil comes from evil. Present to the passerby a smile better, and it will return to you still more than once.

Let`s be kinder to each other! Happy to you way.