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Who will come after Homo sapiens?

of Once upon a time Once, our way, during an era scientifically - information revolution, it is imperceptible for society, somehow by itself, He also was born But on an old habit all of us exaggerate trinity of the person: shouts at the left, cries on the right, shouting of voices from above and invocations from below New, the newest techniques of knowledge and realization are even newer and absolutely, it is no more and not less, and a yak burn down What only you will not hear! All started educating mankind, and at the same time and us, dear reader. But we are not so silly, isn`t that so? And the easy movement of a hand we will brush away all theories and false prophets in a basket, remembering that even a wise man stumbles !

And with full understanding of the depth simplicity we understand the fact obvious and unnoticed by anybody - the phenomenon of the new millennium: we, mankind, in development of progress not only gave rise to the Civilization, BUT! - and that it is much more important - created the new person: Homo technicus, Person civilized! And all previous theories already fall to pieces! Respecting all reading brotherhood, we will not be unfounded, however and we will not begin to turn pages of the digest into the international conference, it at us still ahead. Mer, misters, a measure in everything!

And it is valid what impact was exerted by the newborn on aged the thousand-year Homo spiritus feeling the Person? We will not have enough life time even for transfer therefore it is short: a microscope - the telescope, Shatl - agrarian and industrial complex, radio - video, the computer - the robot and so on, and so forth Fact: we feel what was inaccessible earlier to our sense organs. Therefore, when you call from Russia by the mobile phone to the friend in Australia or on the wild coast of Amazon, know: these are possibilities of the Person civilized! When you by candlelight fascinate the girlfriend, the home theater, laser disks, the room is filled with the most gentle aroma of classical music performed by the London Royal orchestra, you the person of a new formation in spite of the fact that already got used and do not notice a difference of feelings.

When the businessman does not get on well at realization of tactical tasks, does not feel emergence of the tendencies menacing to its affairs, know: these vsklochenny hair rounded for horror of an eye and constant emotional depressive overexcitement are results of the raised power background. A rhythm of feelings and their depth, let also extramental, the requirement business - time is frequent. It is necessary to be ahead of the planet of all and in any way differently. Appeals back to the nature are silly, ridiculous and naive!

Homo naturalus, the Person physical, in constant races and vanity, and eternally behind everything is not in time: fashion, technical development, success etc. The biological nature changed so that physiologists ceased even to raise a question of that and what to consider and what Norma human physiology. It is live, runs on shank`s mare, yet does not complain, well and thank God - it is healthy, so ha - ha - ha And often the hand reaches for spiritus - the Russian tribute to last trinity: to keep separate from objectives, to leave in nirvana at least till the morning to take courage to be put again in tiresome strained business - everyday life. And so day after day, the fatigue collects imperceptibly for the individual, and once it is time to leave a scene as it is clear to athletes. And all - nobody independently leaves, the person to the last drudges, will not knock out the yet. Well, it as a rule: to young people - the road, to old men - honor! Honor?.

Yes do not make laugh the people! Homo sapiens does not doze what you speak about! To whom we are necessary if there is nothing to take: neither love, nor money! Give without illusions! It was remembered to a case. At lecture I declare: Sex and money rule the world! The Low voice from the hall: Roughly, Mikhail Nikolaevich, and it is incorrect . Well, - I answer. - Lyubov and hunger rule the world! So more softly? Approaches? Day and night the people thought, reflected, however at the following lecture: No! Oh, - I think, - that for public was selected unreasonable All right, last attempt: Instincts of Reproduction and Self-preservation rule the world! Now reached, agree?! All hall exhaled as one: Well, it is necessary, and the truth how it is simple and what we were engaged half-lives in?. Well, it, misters are companions, already other question.

So, instincts of Homo technicus demand every second intellectual tension, and do not think in the name nirvanas and solutions of specific material objectives, constants to a na - Hau. He told! As cut off. And not to get out, not to slide off on a history roadside, not to sit out a wise gudgeon, we know - we know, such first of all roast on a frying pan, saw enough! The head breaks at the end of the working day, the TV as panacea from all troubles, by the way, therefore under it and we have supper. And how differently to stop a stream of thoughts and to be prepared for a dream? We do not take sleeping pill in attention, there can be a biological habit - dangerously! As in the song it is sung: herbs, herbs, herbs help. And already sensible businessmen understood that good news are lack of news! There are already enough problems without any nonsenses. But in the afternoon subordinates stand, having spaced out, and wait magnificent for business - ideas and where to take them so much? Here also think, the head!

And so. Unexpectedly - unexpectedly we began to live in four-dimensional space, in full harmonization (read: in the requirement to life) the external and internal worlds. And it is good to live, as we know, and it is good to live - even better. Here also turn, a chelovecha, in four-dimensional space - time. To wait until mathematics of a formula adjusts and physics will describe processes and physiologists will understand about what the speech and medicine will be able to carry out diagnostics and the scientific instrument making will regain consciousness from a dream and so on it is NOT NECESSARY! The person civilized possesses all instincts of a material world and will not miss the. As well as always was in the history, and will be: the new look develops at the expense of old, and the end to the old world comes. In the Nature there is no place to hospitality, the Lord. As it is a pity, but it is necessary to say goodbye, leaving grateful memory of the past and to go forward, towards to bright future of mankind. And therefore:

On and On and On!

Persons interested to Live, two steps forward!

Long live Homo technicus!