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How to become the writer?

are bad to Look in others pockets. But there is a strong wish, isn`t that so? If these pockets belong to writers - people dear, interesting, in the recent past treating an exclusive layer. And better to say - a caste. But morals - morals, and opening the next volume of the fiction writer - the contemporary, suddenly you catch yourself on thought: and how many could pay for it? The worm of curiosity and what to hide, envy, begins to estimate, starting up saliva: hundred, two hundred, three hundred?... Tens, hundreds, thousands?... Rubles, dollars, shekels?...

Leadership in book business is directly connected with the word " today; best-seller . To the western measures the book which circulation for a certain period - usually in a year - exceeded half a million copies is considered the best-seller. But it in the West. We live in the east. But too we read the Russian books.

And so, the first places on sales, according to statements of owners of bookstores, are steadily held by Victor Dotsenko, Alexander Bushkov, Andrey Konstantinov with Gangster St. Petersburg . Dotsenko was always to the most sold authors. Its novels telling about adventures of the Russian superspy known as Mad used same, that is, mad success. And, apparently, brought the same fantastic sum. One not really rich Moscow publisher told me that certain publishing houses conducted negotiations on purchase of his books with the author. Also offered 100. 000 dollars. The transaction took place or not, it is unknown.

Cumulative biography of other hero by nickname Blind person stated in several books, it was estimated at hundred thousand dollars too. What decision was made about it by group of the authors specializing in the biography of the Blind person, and united by the general pseudonym Andrey Voronin the same riddle, as well as in the previous case. Alexander Marinin`s

, in the world known as the militia colonel, actually - Agatha Christie. Only Russian. At least, so represents its " publishing house; EKSMO with which Marinina actively cooperates. Having dashed off dozen of sound novels for the first two years (without separation from the main work - to catch criminals!) with one main character, Marinina achieved that her creations disperse on hurrah . On one of Rublevsky parties in Moscow from where I returned recently, say that its fees are estimated in the astronomical sums - 50. 000 dollars for the book. Perhaps, so it also is. However, knowing this pisatelsko firsthand - the publishing world, I strongly doubt truthfulness of similar rumors. Especially if to consider that Marinina is the militia colonel, does not decide to leave the main work. According to her, it has still an incomplete length of service, and it will very significantly affect pension.

of K to elite of circulation and the fee also such detective writers as Nikolay Leonov, Victor Pronin with the " belong; Gangs Friedrich Nesnanski, Dmitry Veresov It would be possible to call still a couple of popular names, but in principle for elite all this.

is Much more than authors so-called second plan : Koretsky, Derevyanko, Valery Larin To it to the second and even to the third to the plan I can carry also myself: in total - today my books appear thirty-thousand circulations. And generally, depends on these notorious " much; rublevsky parties. You can be absolutely blank space as Ksyusha Sobchak or Oksana Robski, but if you turn there, so a celebrity. For someone it is enough to turn a naked bum to get in elite . Or few times to krutanutsya before television cameras. Or to tell some muck to, for example, Dima Bilan. At once you will earn scandalous popularity. And it is necessary to do nothing. We in Israel have no similar parties, it is more difficult to become famous. And Russian the reader`s market is much less. So it is better to publish books in Moscow or in St. Petersburg. As a last resort, where - nibud in Ukraine.

we Will return, however, to writers. Naturally, at second plan and the fees it is less, than at monsters of book bazaars. Here is closer to truth of figure 5 - 10 thousand dollars for the book.

And any trifle from a detective feather receives from one up to three thousand dollars for masterpiece . And, of course, terribly are glad to it - where still you will earn with honest work such money for few months? About Israel I in general am silent - here to writers simpler to hang oneself on the first olive, all the same will not receive some horse-radish. Unless you will publish copies hundred at own expense (expensive pleasure, by the way too), and then think that with them to do farther - whether to run and offer bookstores, whether to give away to friends and friends.

of the Separate word deserve writers - politicians. Both in Russia, and in Israel. Here it is possible to reject a subjunctive mood, and absolutely accurately to claim that the highest paid authors from the government are Ehud Barack, Lieberman and Sharansky. Here it is only interesting who reads them? Pertinently here to remember

also about writers elite of spirit . From time to time some publishing houses publish masters tiny circulations. Respectively, babies receive also authors. Sometimes rescue new glossy magazines - will give hundred for the story of dollars, and rejoice how many the soul will wish.

But in the West, for example, a difference between successful and just writers is even more big, than at us in Israel or Russia. There are ten - one and a half very successful writers living only on the fees. Some of them arrange even auctions at which sell the rights for the works. Dean Kuntz, for example, earned from five books of 240 million dollars unwritten still. Such huge money publishers are able to afford to pay

to popular authors because book business in the West turned into the industry, some kind of printing Hollywood. The one and only book can make the writer the millionaire and feed then for the rest of the life. Other mass of the people who hammered into the head that without writing cannot live it is forced to earn additionally everywhere where it is only possible. Especially it is noticeable at us in Israel where the cleverest scientists, doctors, writers work as janitors. However, this subject all set for a long time the teeth on edge. And you know how many today average American writers earn? Four and a half thousand dollars a year! It is possible to live on this money? About the Israeli writers and there is nothing to speak. The most poor people. Except two - three world famous.

But in principle, a formula of calculation of someone else`s money is simple. Without going into subtleties, it is possible to count with a big share of reliability how many this or that writer receives. On average the royalty - so is called the fee paid to the author percent - is equal to six - eight percent. The sum is not big. Especially if to consider that it not from sale, and from prime cost of the book. We multiply by the circulation of the book and we receive the required sum. But

Avoiding taxes, racket and other, the rare publishing house will put the true sum in the contract with the writer. Many publishing houses during the work with the beginning authors prefer not to pay the fees in general. On a royalty it is easy to deceive the author - the simpleton. He is not able to check actual circulation, and in the output data it is possible to write anything. But even if, for example, the Israeli Russian-speaking author also learns that he was deceived what he will be able to make? Will definitely not have legal proceedings. And a muzzle to beat - so for this purpose it is necessary to go to Moscow. No fees will be enough.


I all - how to earn a fantastic sum by fair means? How to become very famous person? Than to amuse own vanity?

the Answer is simple - it is necessary to compose the best-seller, such Black Roman. He is called still the police officer. Or criminal.

As it becomes? There are several universal rules for the beginning authors.

If theater begins with a hanger, then the Black Roman (BR) begins with the name. Feel music of words: The Cannibal got hungry The Animal leaves darkness Bloody murderer If you managed to think up the sonorous name, consider what half-affairs is made. A half of success at you in a pocket. You will be at the zenith of fame if you use words and will play phrases of type: the psychopath raged, lame comes back, the wolf comes to a track, the mujaheddin a saber chops off eggs, a garden - masochistic sex, abrupt death and so on.

of Subjects for the Black novel great variety. It is enough to open the rag and to find the section of the criminal chronicle. For example: The Grandfather - the pervert cut the axe the granddaughter Pupils dismembered the teacher Aliens ate all cows . You remember, nobody will be tempted on a banal plot, the " type; the lady perishes under train from - for unfortunate love . Here if she was a lesbian, and the kingpin having spat on conscience, sold to madam to Turkey or Israel where that would saw herself the chiansaw - it is, perhaps, also pokhilyalo. in general everything is simple

With heroes. For success the Real Hero and the Absolute Villain are necessary. Fight between them is also Black Roman`s essence. In simplicity of heroes - the key to success. The reader likes the ingenuous, rough, sharp-witted guy. Or the man of average years, laconic, reserved, the fan of binge and not the fool about women. Well, modern Athos, Porthos, Aramis and Djartanyan rolled into one. The last two conditions - are obligatory. The villain has to look so: oil eyes, hairy ruchishch, fingers up, pot-belly The soul is orphaned, poor, thirsty. But at the same time - it is obligatory little Napoleon .

without departing from cash desk, I will try to outline outlines of a commercial plot. The reader needs to throw sweet bone in the form of a two-three of corpses on the first page. It is the best of all if the boy or the girl of years of ten raped in all inconceivable ways which besides will die on " is one of the killed; eyes at the reader. But nevertheless will manage to whisper that treasured word thanks to which the valorous Hero of all for some 500 pages of the text will find and will neutralize the vile Villain. By the way, in such novels long offers are not welcomed. It is necessary to add the love line with sensuality elements. Cheesecake all love. Besides the Real hero wets all to the right and on the left, shoots from all hands and legs. Bullets do not get to it, and the skull bears blows of fittings. It would be quite good if the author knew a prison slang. That is, stayed wound off delayed Not any author owns a slang, but if you know it, then mass your reader!

in ChR should not be abstruse dialogues, reflections, Shakespeare`s sonnets and so forth At all. It distracts the reader. It is quite good to enter a couple of furious militia sheep-dogs who on pieces will tear trousers of the Villain. It will decorate the novel, but

you should not be fond. That further? The last end is put to Black Roman, at last, and there is no money and it is not visible. In - the first, multiply ChR and be ready that the part of them will be lost. In each publishing house there is the developed circle of constant authors. But you should not despair. Publishers perfectly understand that it is impossible to overfeed the market the same surnames. Publishers always searching. Little-known writers have an opportunity to press masters. Champagne is drunk by the one who uncorks it. When you sell the manuscript, the main thing not to sell too cheap. You will be convinced that everything written not a masterpiece that over time you will receive the real money, and now All this nonsense! From ten publishing houses at least one will surely grasp at your manuscript. Also will pay normally. I Approve

from own experience.