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How to choose and support the husband?

So, you decided to get the husband. Almost all your girlfriends already have husbands. At whom what...

First of all, bringing the husband, think whether you are ready to undertake all completeness of responsibility for the living being. Whether there will be enough at you time and forces for care of it? whether

you Will manage to accustom the husband to discipline and an order and to achieve that it did not soil in your house? Whether you are ready to take down patiently a disorder in the house in exchange for his devotion and fidelity? If these issues are resolved positively, it is possible to start the choice of the husband.

Be defined what weight category of the husband you want. Small types of husbands have advantages: they occupy less vital space and are simple when transporting. Again - on small less food are spent. But as the defender, a nadezha and a support the small husband loses points in comparison with large.

Large types of husbands it is more difficult in maintenance and leaving, especially covered with dense vegetation. After them there are more garbage and waste. They eat more and drink. Are more dangerous to people around. But they are also more reliable in respect of protection of your property. Here to you to solve.

The following step will consist in a goal-setting of an institution of the husband. You have to solve beforehand, for what purpose you bring him: with purely decorative or with the useful, office purpose. From the decorative husband of advantage it is not enough, but he is pleasant to the eye, with him it is amusing to play beds, it is simple to be indulged. It can be dragged with itself everywhere. The office husband will be fixated on the work. Solve.

Now it is necessary to decide on the husband`s origin. In this aspect you have a huge choice: getters, spies, moving men, divers, watchmen, hunters, shepherds, guides on life, militiamen, workers on fight against drug trafficking, rescuers, employees of service of the security guard, sheep breeders, frontier guards and even fishers (for example, the Brazilian water husband). Everything depends on your personal addictions.

Where it is possible to find the husband. The most reliable place are clubs. Only in club it is possible to meet the real aristocrat with good genealogy. It is not a shame with such husband anywhere, and you can be sure of good posterity. Such husband has good noble heredity.

It is possible to get acquainted, of course, with the husband at friends - acquaintances. It too reliable place. You receive the husband from good hands and from decent parents. As a last resort, if to you does not carry with your elect that is where also to whom to return it.

It is possible to meet, of course, him and just on the street. But it is dangerous that it will be either spoiled, or spoiled heavy past. Such husband is capable of silent theft and unforeseen acts. He can have bad diseases. The posterity from such husband can be the most unpredictable. Not for nothing it is considered indecent to get acquainted on the street.

It is possible to meet the husband on the Internet. It is possible to find the husband the abroad. Husbands also in resorts are found. Husbands in the resorts of Dolmatiya are especially amusing. Solve where it is more convenient to you.

There now, the husband is chosen and, at last, you bring the husband into the house. And here the main thing begins. Pervo - napervo to him needs to let know who in the house the owner. The husband needs to allocate the place in the house at once. He has to know accurately, where to it to sleep and where it cannot be. Kitchen - the least suitable place for the husband. Considering that all of them very much are interested in food, just in your kitchen the husband also will strive to hang around. It is desirable to get beforehand for the husband of a toy like the TV and the pressed-through sofa. Further solve for yourself what gentle nickname you will call it, and accustom it to this address.

It is necessary also to accustom the husband to walk at an entrance to the house, is on hours, not to stick the nose in your bags and grocery bags, not to clank with teeth, not to scratch about walls and not to tear socks and footwear. He should not talk and sing loudly. For this purpose use a tie with pass - the stun gun. By the way, diversify his ties, you order to carry to it strict, simple. Right after a honeymoon husbands are recommended to tie strict ties. Then it is possible to pass to usual smoothly. But strict always has to hang on the place visible to the husband.

The husband should not hang around on neighbors and other husbands, eat food from strangers, drink outdoors, be interested in garbage cans and other not nice places.

The husband loves caress. It needs to be ironed, scratched more often behind ears. At the same time many of them are accustomed to bryakatsya instantly on a back and to hold up tummies. Some of them love when they are brushed. But as all men, husbands are not on friendly terms with a bathroom. From the very first days accustom your husband to rules of personal hygiene. Explain to him that it is not enough one licking. If your husband often scratches, urgently bath him with special husbands shampoo. Some husbands demand a periodic hairstyle and shaving.

If you are going on vacation and leave the husband on care of neighbors or friends, ask them to talk to it more often tenderly. Husbands very much appreciate the kind word. They love when they speak to them good boy good fellow handsome and other compliments. Each good movement of the husband has to be supported with the kind word - it you will develop at it a conditioned reflex on good deeds. It will give willingly to you slippers in response to the kind word and your praise.

At the correct approach and strict discipline you will be able to live till that day when the breast of your husband decorates the whole iconostasis of medals. Do not forget to be published more often with it at full regalia. Work of your husband will bring it glory and the high fees. The posterity from such husband will be appreciated worth its weight in gold. Such husband will be always demanded in society.

You love and you appreciate the husband, he is your best and most loyal friend. He will answer your care to you with boundless love and devotion. " team; to me it will carry out with pleasure and enviable energy. On the other hand, your strict faugh has to be for it the law. It is especially strictly necessary to arrive with the " team; bring - it is one of the main teams. Give " here; - not less important. It has to immediately both bring and give. After that it is necessary to caress the husband and to praise the words which are already mentioned above.

Observance of all rules of the choice and keeping of the husband will allow you to enjoy society of the person with good manners, kind character and affection for you personally. So - in a kind way, lovely ladies.