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And what is felt by your plant?

the Flora is very different. From huge mamontovy trees (to 142 m), eucalyptuses in Australia (to 150 m) to the smallest seaweed which can live at a depth up to 22 m in the World Ocean. The world is full of surprising plants. One of them - a bamboo which possesses a world record of growth of a trunk - 120 cm per day. And here the bamboo once in 30, 60 or even 120 years blossoms. In all Chinese hospitals there are offices of a travolecheniye where broths from a bamboo serve as medicine for diseases of kidneys, cough, asthma. The bamboo is incredibly strong. Veliky Bridge over the river Min in Sichuan (China) hangs on bamboo cables - with a diameter of 15 cm and it is used 1000.

Surprising plants cactuses. Cactuses serve as water receptacles in deserts. Mexico does wine, some cactuses in a boiled or baked view of an echinocactus favourite food in Bolivia and Paraguay. The cactus to a lofofor is called " there; Lord`s body . It contains substances from which people fall into a condition of euphoria. It is considered that, having seen this cactus, it is necessary to greet it that he did not begin to revenge, and it is not given in hands to the person with bad conscience.

It is much more difficult than a plant, than it was accepted to think. Now more than 25 species of the plants ready to protect itself from wreckers are known already. They are capable to summon security guards . Plants learned to express in language of insects, chemical signals, saving themselves life. For example, during attack on cucumbers of caterpillars the plant emits chemical, attracting the predatory ticks destroying wreckers. Scientists made experiment: pricked, scratched leaves and stalks, imitating insects, but the plant did not emit the substance involving rescuers. It can distinguish nature of damages. Experiences with a cotton showed that it emits one substances when it is eaten by the weevil and absolutely others when it is eaten by the grinder. The corn notices, even what age of a larva devour its leaves. Than they are younger, more aromatic substances allocate those a plant.

It is proved that plants are able to feel. They are able to cry and laugh, be upset and to rejoice, love and hate. Very interesting experiments were made. For example, one of them. The identical handful of rice was placed in three glasses with ordinary water. These glasses put in identical under the terms of the room. Every morning for a week rooms were entered by the person. He smiled to one glass, told tender words, laughed. He abused the second glass, was angry, was rude, and at all did not pay attention to the third glass. In a week rice in the first glass turned yellow and began to exhale a pleasant smell, rice in the second glass turned black and fetidly began to smell, and rice in the third glass just grew mouldy.

Plants feel danger. In America the useful experience was also made. To the room put a ficus and fastened on it sensors which catch signals. Every day for a week the room was entered by the person who abused a plant, broke off its branches, shouted at it, cauterized a cigarette. Sensors caught emotions plants. And that the most interesting: soon the plant began to give alarm signal and fear just when this person came into the room even if he entered without intentions to do to a plant harm. Similar experiments were made with signals of pleasure and grief.

Reflect what wants to tell you your plant about. Perhaps, it is dissatisfied with something. And there can be it is able to be upset together with you and to share your pleasure. What does it feel at present?