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For what Louis Zborovski was called mad count ? Part second.

When the author of the well-known spy novels Ian Fleming recovered after the postponed heart attack, he spent much time with the little son and to entertain the little boy, told stories from the children`s memoirs. The count Zborovski by the fast car winning all races, and also making a set of feats for the sake of great ladies often appeared in these stories. These stories turned out sometimes so fascinating that Fleming began to write down them, and eventually the book which he also published with great success turned out, having devoted to the son.

According to this book the beautiful musical movie at which premiere there was all royal family was soon shot. The most cash British actors - Dick Van Dayk, Sallie Ann House, James Robertson Dzhastis, Lionel Dzheffris took part in the movie. A number of actors passed into a picture straight from Bondiana, for example, as the inventor who constructed a miracle - the car, Dezmond Lyyuellin whom we know as Mr. of Cue which was smoothly supplying the Agent 007 with the self-latest equipment acted, and the main villain was played by Geert Frobe already famous in mean and artful Goldfinger`s quality. Got the most unusual role in this picture the comedian Benny Hill who plays the only tragic character of the movie, of doll affairs of the master who lives in the country where children are forbidden and are pursued under the law therefore not they get all its toys at all, and to the local dictator Bomburst.

On a movie plot the brother and the sister find somewhere on boondocks the old car. They speak about it to the father who is carried away by equipment, and that buys the car for 30 shillings then he starts its repair. At the same time he shows the remarkable imagination and when the family goes to travel, a miracle - the car finds ability to fly as a bird, to float, gliding as the real boat (this effect was supported with a body from the varnished tree, in a form reminding the boat), and also shows rationality, becoming, thus, the true friend for the owners.

The car made for shooting quite often opened after that a large auto racing, its copy was spread around by the Corgi Toys company. This graceful toy is now highly appreciated by collectors, she can be met also at us in the country as it was bought by our trade organizations. Michael Jackson wanted to buy also legendary car for the museum of the name, but was refused. And still travel on this car was a cherished dream of my childhood as in the childhood I saw the animated version of this history on a videotape...

That to the count, he constructed two more cars with the same name. The second car had the motor of Daimler standing earlier on the German two-engined Gotha bomber. It already had the brake operating on back wheels. By this car of columns went even to the Sahara that for us can seem improbable. Now racing cars have too narrow specialization and to put on the same level the prototypes constructed for Lehman and Dakar nobody will become. And then it worried nobody. One more car received 18 - the liter motor probably chiseled from Mercedes, it already had more difficult and generally the thought-over design, a streamline body with a long cowl and the place of the racer carried far back, and the pneumatic brake of Vestingauz which proved on the railroads was applied to the emergency stops.

Then the count constructed the race car called by Higham Special - by the name of estates Hayem, the count who was the residence. This car was used already only for the record arrivals which were carried out usually on sea shallows. In it the frame of the army truck put on bridges from racing Benz was used. Transmission was taken from the same Benz, but initially calculated on the power of 150 hp, it had to transfer power from an aircraft engine of the English production developing 450 hp now. Soon the count presented this car to the friend John Parri Thomas who seriously upgraded it, renamed into B. A. B. S., established on it several world records and as a result died, being at its steering wheel.

The count was already engaged in motorsport seriously, by this time he became a professional. It gained skills and in designing of cars, in the commonwealth with Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin it built racing cars of a new rational design, lungs, with a competent razvesovka and greatly operated. Their motors were equipped with superchargers, very successful on a design. As a result with assistance of the count the Aston Martin company was registered, but soon it appeared in crisis as to the count there was a tragic case.

That day the count for the first time for many years got those fatherly cuff links from a casket. It prepared for start in the next race. In the last several years he got a habit to argue on mystical subjects, constantly spoke about fate and inevitability of what is intended to the person by destiny. Probably, having decided to push luck, or karma he put on the cuff links noted by the fatal press and came for start. To leave in anywhere practically on the same section of the route where the last hour his father once met.