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How to increase the salary?

If you decided to read this article, so you work at hired work and soon are not going cardinally to change something in the life. It both is not bad, and it is not good. It is just your choice.

So if you work for someone, you see off at work every day 9 hours of the precious life and still you spend 2 hours for a trip for work and home, then it is obvious that 11 hours of the life are better to sell these as it is possible more expensively.

You agree that any normal person will not choose less paid work under identical other conditions? The sane person of it cannot make. But, nevertheless, many people quite so also arrive. You do not trust?

Then answer one question. Whether you at the today`s work (if properly to try and think the head) can increase a salary at least of percent on 20 - 30? Of course, you can. In any, even the most conservative company, it is possible to achieve increase in a salary. And with any, even the most despotic chief, it is possible to find a common language. Then why you choose to do the same work for smaller money?

Therefore let`s stop complaining of a small salary and we will begin to think over what ways of its increase are.

1. The first, easiest and banal way is to talk to the administration about increase of the salary. It is possible to turn this conversation in such a way that any chief will not be able to refuse to you. It is necessary, in - the first, it is good to be prepared for communication with it, it is better to study interests and weak places of your chief, to think over the conversation course. Yes, perhaps someone will call it frank manipulation. But when there is not enough money for the simplest things, here not to sentimentality any more. Never you ask your chief about salary increase directly in a forehead. Bring it to this decision. Allow him to offer you it. After such decision if it accepts him, your director will be proud of himself for the made act for a long time.

2. If you are afraid to talk to the administration or consider it as a senseless invention, begin to show an initiative. Every day think out interesting innovations and offer them to the chief. Even if your ideas will not find real application, through some time your administration can torture conscience that such initiative worker as you, receives such beggarly salary. Anyway, even if you consider that on your administration this method will not work, you should not go to work only to execute someone else`s orders. From it the person degrades! Believe, good performers around - a dime a dozen. And here in the afternoon with fire you will not find initiative people. Any businessman will give everything if only to receive in the order of the initiative and bright worker. And just to sit at a desktop and to do what is told from above - a superior intelligence is not necessary.

3. Think up interesting idea or the direction which will help to increase profit of your company. Tell about it to your chief and agree that if you are able to realize this idea, then he will raise to you a salary for a certain sum. In this case your chief loses nothing as will raise to you a salary only if you are able to raise his income.

4. Already more radical, but also more effective way is to hint that you are going to leave. Only it is not necessary to do it for fun. Because can dismiss and really. At first look in the Internet for several interesting to you vacancies, you can even descend on several interviews. The most important - you have to be sure that even if to will dismiss you, then you will find good work at once. This your confidence will be felt even at distance and if earlier your administration dared not to reckon with you, then now when they learn (or will feel) that you have several more favorable offers, they will not want to release you. And, most likely, will take measures to hold you. One of possible measures - increase of your salary.

5. The most radical, but sometimes the most real way of increase in a salary is a shift of your place of work. If it is not possible to agree with the administration, and there is a wish to eat, then there is no need to blame the chief - immediately you find more highly paid place. If you work for kopeks, then it is not wine of your director, but your underestimated self-assessment which allows you to sell itself so cheap. The person who appreciates and respects himself always knows the own worth.

Most of people, unfortunately, awfully are afraid to lose work. And owners of various firms and enterprises very often use it. It is valid if to look at this situation from their party why to pay more if the person agrees to work for kopeks? Isn`t that so? Or you consider that the owner of business has to not fill up nights, only and thinking how to it to raise a salary to poor workers? Actually he thinks, first of all, of the income and of welfare of the family, and pays you exactly so much how many it is necessary that you, on the one hand, did not grumble and silently worked, and with another that did not starve to death. Therefore if you do not assert the rights, then for you nobody will make it.

Believe that it is always possible to find more highly paid work. Even in the most small towns. And furthermore in million-plus cities. Here to be afraid to lose work - it is just a shame and it is unworthy for the self-assured person.

Now I will give advice to which I strongly recommend to listen. Irrespective of, you like your work or not. Accept you your salary or not really. You are going to leave or not. Begin to look for new work. Glance over all newspapers, look for vacancies in the Internet. You descend on several interviews. Achieve that you were invited to work at least in 1 - 2 company with good working conditions.

You can always refuse and remain on the former place of work, but, having executed these steps, you realize that you have several decent options of employment. You will begin to feel more surely. You will cease to fawn upon the chief and to shiver waiting for the next meeting. You will just know that you at any time can leave and very quickly find to yourself suitable work.

The most interesting that when you follow my advice, also your administration will begin to concern to you in a different way. It will not understand why. And everything is very simple. You will begin to work and think more surely, it is very well felt at distance. Your director will notice that you changed, became other person. Also the probability that to you will raise wages even without your request is very high.

Of course, ways of salary increase there are thousands, but here I gave only the most checked and for 100% the working ways which were applied by many participants of my trainings. Be convinced!

And the most important - you do not hold the work, be not afraid to lose it, relax, feel force and self-confidence and the professional skills. Remember, diffident and the abilities to people the wages are raised very much and very seldom. Think over it at a leisure.