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Stamp or torment of Tantalus?

of People sit in front of the computer, smokes hard drinking, blows off motes from keys, stupidly looks at a clean sheet of paper on the screen, then at the watch, cleans a letter and takes the next cigarette - and all this is called work. He watches for thought.

The thought looked out from - for a corner, hesitated a little and began to creep quietly. Here it already absolutely nearby!

One more - the only tiny step - and a trap will slam. The thought will be caught, and it otstukat it on paper. Such peculiar hunting .

Caught! - the journalist shouts. One second and. Escaped!

The matter is that journalists quite often have a fear: and suddenly the reader, having run eyes the first lines him creations will put the newspaper aside? You see boringly will seem to it! It means - a failure?! Not - e - et, it is necessary somehow to force it to read further! To take for live ! Something to dumbfound!

Also searches of the beginning begin. Torment of Tantalus. Problem of the first paragraph. On the one hand each journalist wants to find an enviable journalistic subject. On the other hand editors like to repeat approximately such words: The Sun will leave - the newspaper will appear, the sun will not leave - the newspaper will appear . The newspaper is obliged to appear.

If the mankind was humane and knew how we want to guzzle, then it would be hung up, burned and had legal proceedings hundred times more often - the reporter, the hero of a Chekhovian sarcastic miniature speaks.

What it is the most difficult to see? What lies at you under the very nose. Often it seems that in exotic - a scattering of journalistic subjects. However it is possible to open not less and in the phenomena ordinary.

The thought escaped. Then emptiness of not caught is filled by a saving stamp. The stamp is first of all a thinking stereotype. The trouble of stamps is that they, even at all the prettiness and skladnost do not give rise to any feelings, any associations at the reader. Besides, the stamp is an inability to imagination. By very exact definition of K. S. Stanislavsky, a stamp - attempt to tell about what you do not feel. Therefore, you do not know, did not see, you do not imagine.

So to do? to hunt behind thought it is possible for months, and there is always a wish to eat. From it, journalists often use stamps . To our great regret.

Journalists! It is less than stamps! Let`s try to write about what we feel and we see! Let`s put in ours creations part of soul! Also be not afraid to give it, it at us huge!!!