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How to stop being to the poor? Six secrets of

We everything love money, but whether they love us? How to become the rich or to stop being at least to the poor? Questions difficult at first sight have very simple answers, it is possible therefore not fully are understood by most of people.

As to stop being to the poor?

Secret 1. Money loves the account .

The one who does not know how many he at it in a purse of money, or is already rich, or never tried to become him. Knowledge of resources which you dispose - the first step to wealth. Knowledge, property, money, time - all this your resources, their enhancement - is also an avenue to wealth.

Secret 2. Money has to work . All your resources have to work with

, and not just work, and work effectively, increasing greatly itself. If always to spend the earned money, without putting them in any perspective production which will double - will treble - … your capital - you will never have a lot of money. The person spending earned only on satisfaction of the requirements, it is doomed to complain until the end of days of shortage of money.

Secret 3. Avaricious spends twice . Buying by

cheap goods, or service of poor quality, be ready to excess expenses. Poor quality will have an effect soon and it is necessary to fork up again. Buying cheap things, you do not win in the price, you lose both in the price and in quality. Quality has to be criterion of the choice, and on cheap focuses like seasonal discounts, fashionable advertizing campaigns it is better not to be taken.

Secret 4. Buy cheap - sell expensively . to Buy by

goods or service is always cheaper from the producer when it costs the actual price. To overpay silly for a brand or more beautiful packing, it is necessary to pay only for high quality.

needs to be Sold as it is possible at the bigger price, offering as much as possible services, and not forgetting to put them in goods cost.

Secret 5. The Worker works, the owner grows rich .

Working for the owner, it is impossible to grow rich. It is possible to improve the financial position, but only in case the owner prospers and the labor union will not sleep. Working for itself, you will receive on the work. Employing workers, you will grow rich due to cheap bought work and time.

Everything extremely simply and is widely known. But the nobility is not enough - it is necessary to apply the knowledge in life. Use these secrets and you will forget that you once lacked money.