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What is isometric gymnastics?

at the beginning of the twentieth century application of isometric exercises made a splash in the world of sport. Many athletes, having included them in the trainings, could improve the results considerably. And presently the given type of exercises keeps the appeal.

A main objective of isometric exercises is increase in physical force. But, unlike other types of power exercises, isometric, first of all, are aimed at the development of sinews.

Here that was written by the famous athlete of last A. Zass ( Samson ) : Muscles in itself will not lift a horse, and sinews will lift, but they need to be trained, they need to be developed, and the way of increase in their fortress exists .

He considered that for development of the real force to lift " iron; in the gym insufficiently. Still something is necessary. For example, if to try to bend scrap or to lift the car, these attempts at repeated repetition will be very effective for development of fortress of sinews and force of muscles.

It is also an example of isometric exercises at which muscles though are strained, but their length does not change and there is no movement in joints.

In what pluses of this type of gymnastic exercises?

1. For occupations does not need special exercise machines and rooms. You can be engaged anywhere: in the apartment, at the dacha, outdoors, at office - generally, everywhere, where there is enough place to rise and extend hands in the parties.

2. does not need a special dress code. The main requirement - the clothes should not constrain your movements.

3. you can invent exercises and make for yourself complexes. Their quantity is limited only to your imagination.

4. In combination with a hardening, swimming and run isometric exercises will help to strengthen health and to increase working capacity.

Before starting exercises, it is necessary to consult with the doctor as there is a number of contraindications. For example, isometric exercises are contraindicated to people with weakened warmly - vascular system, having a hypertension and having excess weight.

Before training it is necessary to do careful warm-up for muscles and joints on which loading will fall.

Exercises are carried out on a breath delay after a breath. At first exercises need to be carried out with small voltage of 2 - 3 series till 2 - 3 seconds. And only after a month of trainings it is possible to pass to the maximum tension and in process of fitness to lead up time till 5 - 6 seconds. The general time of training should not exceed 15 minutes.

Here several examples of exercises:

1. Hands are linked in " lock; before a breast. We try to stretch hands in the parties. The same can be done with a towel.

2. Sitting on a chair, we undertake hands a seat and we try to lift ourselves together with a chair.

3. Standing in a doorway, we try to move apart hands an aperture.

4. Having rested a shoulder against a wall, we try to get moving forward it.

Etc., etc. Such exercises it is possible to think up a set. Dare, and success in your trainings!