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How to improve memory?

you badly remember surnames of your acquaintances, telephone numbers, verses, important dates? You began to notice that your memory continually brings you? Then it is a high time to train it! I offer several useful tips and the effective ways allowing to store more reliably in the head interesting information.

Council No. 1. To facilitate work of a brain.

Unload a brain from excess knowledge. In the daily log write down the planned affairs: purchases, meetings, visits, etc. Hang out on foregrounds of a piece of paper with urgent tasks of type: To Call the grandmother To Buy " milk;.

Council No. 2. Respite. the Brain is constantly so loaded by

that even several minutes of rest are better, than work in the semi-disconnected state. It is possible to make a light massage (mass a forehead, having established finger-tips between eyebrows and a head of hear halfway, describe them, slightly pressing, circles). Or drip several drops of the invigorating oil (bergamot) on cotton wool and massage it whisky, lobes of ears, a nose.

Council No. 3. Rehearsal.

If you are going to deliver a speech, learn it by heart - as the actor. Think of reaction of public to these or those statements. Such preparation will relieve you of an unexpected mute scene in the middle of performance.

Council No. 4. Associations.

Try to combine impressions. For example, if often you leave at home the switched-on electric devices, connect them (the iron, a bulb, the TV) with an entrance door. Before an exit you will see a door - at once you will understand whether all is switched off.

Council No. 5. Planning.

the Best way of fight against forgetfulness. You prepare for holiday? In advance outline a route and think over what to take in the road.

Council No. 6. Order.

Let at often used (and it is better at all) things.

Council No. 7. Sport.

the good way to keep health is a run. It stimulates heart and blood circulation. Many scientists in a time of writing of the scientific works thus unload a brain and stimulate its work. For this purpose three times a week, slowly, run on half an hour. Pulse should not exceed 140 beats per minute.

Council No. 8. Fast storing of numbers.

a Digital row it is easier for b to remember

if to imagine its set on phone keyboard. Sometimes he even writes out the defined letters there - for example, N .

of Figure easily are associated with images: 1 - a pencil, 2 - a swan, 3 - a pitchfork, 4 - a chair etc.

For example, 350214. The plot will be more mad, the better it will be remembered. So, a pitchfork the excellent student pierced egg, and from it the swan with a pencil in a beak took off. I sat down on a chair and wrote down all this.

A long digital line can be broken into shorter figures. For example, 19902025788769. We break on 1990 2025 78 87 69 - it is much easier to remember.

Such ways a set, the main thing for itself to define the most convenient way.

Researchers proved long ago: regular intellectual loadings allow to keep clarity of mind to extreme old age. Today this property of a brain is especially important since we daily process a large number of information.

And finally one storing exercise: Whether well you remembered this article? You remember Council No. 1? How it was called?

If to you is not possible to remember this piece of article, then to begin to take just right these advices!