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Charity is a hobby?

Charity - the benefit for those who are engaged in it.

/ Aron Vigushin /

In S. I. Ojegov`s dictionary the word Hobby means hobby, hobby at a leisure.

A hobby (from English hobby) - the occupation which is not bearing special material benefit in which you are engaged as a hobby.

Charity entirely reflects essence of the word hobby . And why is also not present? Charity do in the spare time. It does not yield material revenue. And how many positive emotions bring!

Today in Russia there are a lot of charitable organizations helping families of the military personnel, pensioners, hospitals, orphanages. But the sharp remains a problem of children - orphans.

And who such children? These are little light men with widely open eyes in which the impetuous pleasure or deep grief is reflected. Probably, the middle of mood at the child does not exist. Restless, kind, sincere Any child needs warmth, caress, care. It is good when there are parents who will always support and will prompt. And if there are no parents? Same does not mean that they do not want to tell about the received assessment, or about Romke who pulled a braid.

Yes, it is much simpler not to think of it But not for nothing speak about the width of soul of the Russian person! Each of us feels compassion to the thrown children, but why only the few really help? According to researchers, 55% of Russians know nothing about activity of the charitable organizations. Nevertheless, there is a lot of them.

And it is not obligatory to have a lot of money at all to help children. Only the desire is necessary! The desire to be useful to society and children - orphans, in particular, brought me into Club of volunteers. The club brought together beautiful, kind people who share heat with children that, in turn, gives to children feeling of necessity, confidence that they are not lonely.

Yes, probably, my small Club of volunteers is a charity. And charity is a hobby. According to psychologists, the hobby is a good way of fight against a stress. Besides, the hobby allows to develop an outlook, to expand a circle of friends and to self-actualize. I cannot but agree with psychologists.

What it gives me? Versatility and responsibility. Responsibility does us by the person, in the true sense of the word. Gentle, kind, understanding, appreciating and happy.

Give warmth to children!

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