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Why there are ridiculous names?

the Name of the person - his business card in this world. Well, here give for a minute it is representable that we have no names! Continuous chaos, disgrace and clownery! Try, understand who such the man in a blue " t-shirt; or the woman in a " sundress;. You never know them, men in blue and easily dressed women! Here Vasya in a blue " t-shirt; - it is already more concrete. And Vasily Tarasovich - it also in general is good. If it also Vasily Tarasovich Prikhodko here anyone will understand that in any way not Grigory Petrovich Ivasyov be Grigory Petrovich five times in a blue t-shirt!

Generally, without names we - in any way.

History of their emergence is worthy the whole volumes. Names were invented, came from the outside, arose from nicknames. Eventually, the Christian church took this business under control, created the menologion, or - the calendar, brought in it a certain quantity of names and began to name babies at a baptism according to this menologion. In - the general, the relative order set in. Was born in Pyotr and Pavel`s day - receive Pyotr or Pavel`s name, and that`s all! And all it is good - and parents do not puzzle how to call the baby, and the state controls birth rate.

This idyll lasted to, not by the night be the remembered, one thousand nine hundred seventeenth years. The authorities of workers and peasants the calendar oh as disturbed. It was required to ego-trip the new power, here it also thought fast to create the calendar of names. Also allowed free workers to bring in it everything that will climb up in the head.

In working - country, filled with idea of general proletarian happiness, the heads were vzbredat by everything that flew in an ear. In an ear slogans on which the new power was excessively prolific flew, first of all. To new owners of life was not to occupy imaginations! It generated masterpieces. Masterpieces sounded in this way: Dolonegrama (Down with illiteracy!), Pyatvchet (A five-years period - in four years!), the Vector (Great communism triumphs!), Dazdraperma (Long live The First of May!) . There were also such names as Chemicalixation, Electrification caressing hearing of the people, Dneproges, Magnitostry. By the way, a Bulgakov Polygraph Poligrafovich - too from a newly made calendar.

To be fair, it is necessary to tell that Soviet calendar offered names not only technically - ideological. There were in them also ancient princely Rurik, Radmir, Rogneda. Even Brunnhilde who are dug out in mythology and literature, Esmeralda, Siegfried, Kunniguda wormed way. Loudly and unusually - unless not a charm? And as they amazingly sound in combinations to a middle name - you will begin to rock! Brunnhilde Vasilyevna, Rurik Panteleevich - ah! Perfection of taste is simple!

Well, Noyabrina, Traktorina is already nothing, it is even banal. And here Club, Glavspirt, Sovetska power (diminutive Sovlasha ) - it to you not pound to raisin! Here the talent is necessary.

Well, full arbitrariness and anarchy. Call - I do not want! The excited parents also called in a pleasure rush, not especially thinking of what, as a result, turns out abracadabra. And here to you - hello! Kompartovn Umoyrylo`s Traviata (name original). It is available - an ideology celebration with an easy raid of culture. Plus a hint on an origin. The biography is pure, it is possible not to doubt devotion of party.

Kukutsapol - corn - the queen of the fields . Diminutive - to Cook. The Slavnenky otmetochka for Nikita Khrushchev`s times!

Redzhinald Sosipatovich Zavirokha, Lvandre Psoyevich Tveryozykh Well, and how not to drink bitter with such names?

In the twenties the press everywhere sang the praises of the milkmaid from Chuvashia Esmeralda Isaakovna Krutikhvost who broke all imaginable records in number of milk yield.

However, this practice did not get accustomed. However to calm the cleared-up imagination of the people - go, try! Aurora for a long time shot back, and old habitual names - Maria, Oksana, Nastya, Sergey, Aleksandra became current again. But - it is boring - that as, people kind! Here we have also fun. We introduce innovations. Own invention. Well, and that that people around are shocked? Progress, it - business such!

Publicity, Reorganization and Privatization and remained unclaimed. But Argol was born ( The Army starves ), Pepe ( Endured reorganization ), Rassos ( Disintegration of the Soviet Union God forbid from such name!) .

And here - well, just brilliant inventions of the present! Begin - Berezovsky is the genius of intrigues Bermud (not the triangle, is not present) - Berezovsky is wise! And Zyulik - as you think that this? Zyuganov is the leader of communists!

The USSR which sank into oblivion could brag of the inventions too. A peacock Nikolaevich (you want, you do not want, and spread a tail at the sight of each skirt), Motel Rubinovich (very playful association), Idea Nikolaevna (the idea, precisely, was), Pirda Dyer Petrovich (Um ).

It would be desirable to hope that the twenty first century will be less active in a question of the invention of ridiculous names. It would be desirable However - a computerization! How not to depict her? However, the first were awarded so great honor a cat by nickname Gigabyte and a dvorteryer Google. Well, and then already and people - the Hacker, the Lamer, the Dotcom.

It, perhaps, only beginning. For certain there will be a Monitor, the Processor, the File, the Website and other, other Well, well, we will wait!

of Happy names to our descendants!

(All names are published with the consent of their owners).