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Why all - time - money?

Speak, time - money. Aphorism long ago known and, apparently, clear. However time at me, as well as at each of us there is, a lot of, but money for some reason does not increase. We lose sight of something, isn`t it? I became thoughtful at a leisure and, imagine, dawned that in an aphorism a certain black box - the converter which functionally has to transform my time to real banknotes is passed. And that is interesting, to transform such absolutely unclear and difficult category as time in quite clear, material and much-needed substance, as money . And here, if to express in a word, a name to this black box - Destiny! And everything becomes even more unclear, foggy and impracticable. However, sighs concerning a lack of money remain But not so all also is gloomy. Let`s argue together what is Destiny?

The first that occurs, - health. Really, it is simpler to healthy person to get any job and though the twelve-hour working day, and results it is available. Besides, not for nothing claim that in a sound body and the spirit is healthy too. Healthy both physically, and morally the person should not test sets of social offenses and humiliations, it is simpler to it to come into contact with people, and we know: a friend in court is better than a penny in purse. And right there one more category was designated by itself - social communications. These are family, related bonds, friendly, school, joint and so forth. There were left without work, legs in hands and ran all over friends - where - nibud yes will attach, and that! It is absolutely good if there is a Godfather. Came, complained of vicissitudes of life, and already the Godfather ran to arrange for prestigious work - interesting, by the way, thought, to young parents on a note.

One more aspect - education. And not mine, first of all, and parents. Really, everything begins with them and to make up later for the fact that peers passed a few years ago difficult and it is almost impossible. So to speak, what Vanechka did not acquire, is not allowed to acquire that to Vasily Ivanovich. In general - that is right, but time goes, and requirements in the market of services constantly increase, the civilization grows also progress not to stop. Shkolno - university knowledge becomes outdated with an improbable speed. Also it is necessary to turn and as - that it is necessary to live-. Also ran, using all free time, on seminars and courses, trainings and practical works. Also it is already possible to think of work change, of career and family development, of wellbeing in general.

Character? Certainly. It is difficult for quiet, quiet person to sustain tension and responsibility peculiar to conducting own business as it is difficult for lamb to live among wolves. Here the grasp and courage are necessary and where to us with grandmother`s education, for example? However, if the hare is learned to beat a drum, then really the person cannot strengthen the mind and body? Perhaps of course, maybe, the truth, at rigid need. It so at us, at Russians, is got: until the thunder bursts, nobody will begin to be christened voluntarily.

And all - I believe that the impact is better, than care because fate - the woman and who wants to cope with it, has to bang it and kick - it it gives in rather, than that who cold gets down to business - inspires us from time immemorial Machiavelli. Words, words, words It is clear, that everyone settles in life as can, wants, it is obliged.

Cheerfully, isn`t that so? For the first step enough. Put before themselves a sheet of paper, halved and described themselves: pluses and minuses. And visually saw that we for people and what to us prevents to start calculation of notes. And people of business can recommend to apply independently this elementary method of formation and tracking of stages of development business - process: idea - the concept - strategy - tactics - technology - the organization - result. Eventually, the main thing in life is to remember that nobody the inikogda waits for time how, however, and money!