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Whether there is an easy way to leave off smoking?

ask This question millions of people. Once begun to smoke, many all life cannot finish this habit. All understand what catastrophic consequences it brings. But lectures on harm of smoking to very few people help, and even on the contrary - force the person to feel weak.

With each unsuccessful attempt “to stick“ - the desire and aspiration becomes less and less. At first attempts to throw are postponed for later. And then and really you begin to think - and it is pleasant to me, the cigarette allows me will relax and to concentrate, from one cigarette harm will not be etc.

I Hurry to please you - there is very easy and interesting way of full disposal of dependence. I used it, and here I did not smoke 10 months any cigarette and never even thought that I lack cigarettes though before smoked several years. My life abruptly changed, I will not list all advantages because I already consider them as the ordinary, but I am obliged by much to this method.

This way does not demand will power at all. I recommended it to my many friends, and the majority now too does not smoke. Not all from them was thrown, and I noticed that those continue to smoke - to whom I tried to impose this method, and before they also did not ask especially this question. But sooner or later each smoker will come to this problem. The main condition of effectiveness of this method - that the person wanted to leave off smoking, and using this way - it is easy to make it.

I do not apply for authorship, just based on personal experience - I recommend a way to those who want to leave off smoking, but does not know as. The author of a method is Alain Carr, and a way he stated in 25 years ago the book“ the Easy way to leave off smoking“ which is translated into many languages and sustained several reprintings.

I think - it is the most optimum and only the correct method. The book is constructed so that reading it, psychological dependence gradually is removed. It is guarantee of simplicity of a way. At the same time the book interesting is also written in a simple language. In any case even if you will not throw - will interestingly esteem.

Also A. Karr wrote books -“ The Easy way to leave off smoking. Especially for women“,“ the Easy way to lose weight“,“ the Easy way to stop drinking“. Though itself I did not read these books (I do not drink, I eat properly), but I think this approach works in all spheres of life.

Generally I advise and I wish to be healthy and there is nothing not to depend!