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What it, American mentality? If we tell

about Americans as about the nation, then we will reject at once an ethnic factor of determination of concept a nationality. It does not exist. The nationality of the American is defined by existence of the passport of the USA. - Jure.

What we understand as a nationality Americans call an ethnic origin. From here also such purely American concepts as Afro-American American, the Latin American American, Asian, Hindu, Russian and other, other are possible. Therefore words nationality national are translated into Russian as nationality citizen and in a literal translation from Russian into English the word nationality will mean ethnic origin - Ethnicity . There is such disagreement.

- the fact we perfectly know about whom we tell when we speak about the American. The melting copper North - the American continent created the nation of Americans, but nevertheless white natives of Great Britain, ethnic British and Irish are considered as true Americans. (Salt of the earth American - or ognenno - red, or with two krolikopodobny large upper teeth - Kennedy`s children... And surname what!)

Other ethnic elements of our Babel tower considerably keep aloof, keeping the ethnic lines both in respect of life, and in respect of mentality. They assimilated in the nation only - Jure.

Considering questions of features of the American mentality, I will mean only Americans - the fact. That is those white citizens whose ancestors were British. Soldiers of fortune. Mobsters. Children - fight! Eh, razzudis, shoulder!

For several centuries they were already melted in a new way and now do not even bear a faint resemblance to the European ancestors. This new alloy differs in absolutely non-European mentality. New American mentality of the former Britons has no similar. If in Europe you define not at once - the German or the Frenchman, the Swede or the Swiss your interlocutor (all a unisex!) you will guess the American in the American unmistakably. Fire with canny pepper.

The first and main feature - patriotism. For the American it is not a political propaganda. They really consider the country as the best, the democracy of the most democratic, the forts the most fordaty and the cows the most korovisty Nobody obliges the American to decorate the house with national flag. And the country blazes flags.

Europe and the more so Asia for the American somewhere very far and few he concerns. Cultural and educated Americans apprehended the European values, but enough haughtily treat the dying old woman. Poyuzali, but do not want with yuzanny to be identified any more.

In my opinion, the fact that pervoposelenets were people desperate and adventurously courageous is the reason of such general patriotism. They passed a difficult way of development of the New World. They dumped the British yoke. They mastered huge open spaces of the country. They revived it from breeding to the powerful power. A passionarity on - gumilevsk. Is from what to grow proud.

Remoteness from the Old World allowed them to build the country without cautions on the European models. This passionarity of the young nation put roots today`s high both Patriotism, and a locale - patriotism. Wherever lived and as long there lived on a ball an American, he considers himself as the American and remains the American. (It is observable, just in case, the new passional country - Israel. Now it is in a stage of the 19th century of America. Exterminates Israeli Indians . New example of super activists.)

The same passionarity of a young animal developed also other line of the American mentality - efficiency, enterprise, business aggression. The American is efficient. It works most, he has most less a rest. It makes money. Question How you live? it sets in the form of the phrase How you do life? It is prompt and punctual: time - money. Time which it has is money which it will not have. That`s right!

And it does not mean at all that the American is the stupid sad workaholic making money. It are the person knowing well as it is good and to have a rest, good time and to pokayfovat with advantage after the working day. He is an expert in leisure and if you hear that someone loudest and sincerely, with all the heart, laughs - it is the American. If someone knows how to dispose of money, to accumulate or risky to put them in new projects is it, the American. He knows how to insure itself(himself) against anything, but risks money as nobody in the world.

It is not accepted to ask from it on credit - he is able to say no the; it takes loans only in bank, and regularly for life pays the debts. To ask for it on credit - to lose the friend. To it it is not accepted to be knocked at 10 in the evening behind salt. Even among relatives it is not accepted to call after 10 in the evening. It is not accepted to be to it to the house without invitation, but and you are guaranteed against uninvited calls and visits.

At Americans it is not accepted to be the patient. The American is always healthy. How are you doing? - Best of all . The American always smiles. Well it or is bad? But and all smile to it. Means, it is good all. The American loves and appreciates humour. And I will tell you, humour at them very salty!

The American is very sports. What we called mass physical culture and sport here really is national culture of a sports way of life. You remember Old man and sea ? The lonely old man surrounded from all directions with a ruthless wave and battling against excessive fish what he thinks a difficult lonely moment of? He thinks of with what account there, on the far coast, the favorite baseball team played it.

The American considers that everyone has to go about the own business. It will not begin to lie for days under the faulty car. For this purpose there is a car service. It will not begin to bake pizza - for this purpose there is a pizzeria. More and more Americans have even breakfast outdoors. All houses have coffee makers, but on the way to work the American will surely stop by in Starbucks. If the American something also made with own hands, then be sure that it only what he is able to do professionally. Otherwise he prefers to earn money for payment of performance of this work as the expert. (I imagined the American doing herself manicure now and mentally burst out laughing.)

By the way, remembered. About women and men. About the relation of floors. The American does not perceive the woman as weak creation. First of all, the woman for it - the competitor.

The American does not marry promptly only because he is passionately in love. He marries when he creates base for a family. Even it is rather not for a family of two of them - base for future child. For now they just live together in a paradise tent and to get used to long future joint life. And everyone will pay for himself at restaurant. (Oh, already I see reaction of my Russian readers! And hands to ladies cannot be kissed here - the lady can file a lawsuit! Hide the tomatoes back. They make a pair.)

It - is normal. In my opinion. Young people live together in the rental apartment. They pay rent and utilities in half. Perhaps, they agreed in turn to pay purchases of provisions, economic trifles or just created for this purpose the joint item of expenditure. (By the way, and many live in marriage: it has its money, it has its money, the total stipulated amount is put on a game and both bankut. Very convenient scheme.)

The woman - the American has much more rights in a family, than its so-so - the American husband. For the introduction in the sexual relations with the wife contrary to her will the article " is applied; intended rape with all that it implies. The husband has no right to induce the wife to do abortion. Will want, will propagate as a rabbit. Again - whose initiative? Everything is fair.

And the last council under the final: if the American asks you how your affairs, do not allow you to take and answer god Thanks, is lousy and still to go deep into the description of details of a hrenovost. He does not hear you any more. He will not resolve, having anyway evaded, to load itself your problems. To drag here, huh? But, relax, and it will never load you with the problems. He will solve them. With a passionarity of a young animal.

There is such mentality. Well or badly? I do not know. But here such it.