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What can please the website " with; One word ?

As are connected love and money? There was a wish to track joint mentions of these words in blogs. Well you never know what I want if there is no technical capability or I do not know about it that almost the same?! But today, at last, found Pulse of a blogosphere. At the word love peaks fall on New year, on February 23 and on March 8, and in the rest of the time rises and recessions tochnyokhonko correspond to that at the word money . What from that? Just I send to a moneybox of entertaining faktik which as required I illustrate thoughts of the general character.

Here the fact, how many a way on which came to the shown schedule is curious not so much. Odnoslovo`s website was the most interesting on this way.

There is a poyasnyalka which we receive, clicking the link About the " project;:

We live in the world of words. There is a lot of words, and time so has not enough. The project of Odnoslovo is thought up by the person who understood once that practically everything in the world can be expressed in a word. It is not necessary to write text kilobytes any more, it is necessary just to stop and think for a second.

Odnoslovo - as a thermometer, it measures change of thoughts and feelings of the RuNet, fixing each told word, putting together emotions.

Visiting every time the main page, you will see all most important that reigns over minds of users, will be able to join to already told or nevertheless to choose and tell One Word. Begin right now.

Useful pieces

of ICQ of Bot.

For convenience of addition of words is started by Bot`s ICQ. Write it on number 406190710 the word and it will automatically get on this website to your tape. This function works only in case you specified the ICQ UIN in a profile. Before the word it is possible to write + or - and then the corresponding spirit will be added to your word (here so: + the word or - the word).


Displays the current situation on the website, including date and time. You can see names and yuzerpik of the people telling words closer to get acquainted with them.


of the Word in figures. That is told what word is the most popular, the most active users. There could be also your name.


Communication with the owner of the website concerning advertizing, communication, questions of the website.

Other pieces - in process.

I will not risk to tell something certain about style of the author though something is guessed here. Here when I will get acquainted with it and I will receive confirmations of guesses then it will be possible surely to tell something - from its consent. For now I only trace that we see on the screen in each case.

Entrance. Registration . Here everything is simple. Accepts both nicknames Latin and original names Cyrillics. The second is more preferable, I think. In any case willingly I contact owners of live names, without being afraid that behind a combination of small letters the inadequate personality brought by loneliness to despair and snatching on everyone who will address with the kind word hid. It did not meet? And me met.

Name, mail, floor, password and antibototsiferka. Everything is simple. Then it will be possible to tell about himself something in general and a separate line - vital credo.

In statistics we will see how many words are told in general (at present, 5 o`clock in the morning on October 10, 2007, are 15647 words; something will be farther!?), how many already talked a lot this day (here now, it in five - that mornings - 100!) . There are most popular words during all the time further - Lenin on the first place, and not without reason - and for the last 10 days. The first goes again - Lenin, the second - Putin, for certain in connection with birthday. Let`s not forget to congratulate? There is a histogram further - it is 10 columns, click on which we receive the first ten words of day in the form of hyperlinks, and they in turn show called these words, and one more click we get on personal pages told the word with dates of birth, accession and the last emergence, the vital principles, avatars of friends and the told words where the guessed general interest is marked out with a large print if to show cloud or to within a minute time is shown if it is shown by the list.

Due to such definiteness arose games, for example, who will guess the main interest of day earlier. Here it is possible to subscribe, as for news, for words of the interesting person. Why - I do not know, but words of friends, dumbfounding speed of change of ideas and the directions, to me would be very much and are very interesting.

U of everyone it is noted who his friends and to whom it is necessary the friend so it is easy to pass on chains and to find think-tanks. Here them is that and we will place curious characters in the collection, having pressed the little man to the right of a nickname - To Add as a friend .

Now we will look that disappears under the word tape . The orange small square of RSS - broadcasting, the list of pages is seen (oh as there is a lot of! 786 for today), nicknames and avatars on wide strips are farther, only 3 are located on the page. This website does not feel sorry to us for the place, does not restrict. Near the word a red cross on the right - an opportunity to remove it, a zalyony muzzle or a symbol of a remark at the left. The muzzle a shape of lips shows the attitude to the word and only, to click on it is useless. Can be chosen at introduction of the word, if to press a small plus under line in which we place the word. Then it is offered to give also the reference so if there is an attractive face. that with a high probability and the website will be mentioned. But, unfortunately, click on the word on this website not to get, and far hardly anyone will begin to climb. But this click we get to that Pulse of a blogosphere which it was mentioned in the beginning, and we see the curve blue line of mentions of the word in blogs for the last month. On ordinate axis the 100-th and thousand shares of percent from number of records on average in day are noted. Click on the schedule we receive the same curve shown more largely and with exact values of maxima. Below there is an offer to paste this schedule into the blog, and on the right in a blue frame it is possible to look in what day it is the word was especially loved and to click on any of interesting subjects. If, for example, to take the most lyubimky Summer, fall, winter and spring for today, then we will see 4 color lines showing percent of records on average in a week within a year (or as ask) again - with exact values of maxima. What for? And that was. Directing at them the cursor, we see exact number of mentions for such - that week and the interesting word as the hyperlink sending us to search engine with exact quotes. All to whom our word pleased before eyes, it is possible to get acquainted, discuss, comment. Not the website " means; one word and all Internet, all blogs.

Here what difficult way to the direct speech. To pass it there was no need, it was possible to address the searcher at once. But at this long way is plus : the word became as though is more native and therefore it is more interesting. And in general for the ordinary user, but not the sociologist or the marketing specialist, all this an entertainment. For working in advertizing - the tool. Magnificent.

What here still is? Aha, air . It is the same tape with the last words and avatars. As a tape of friends in LJ, the same motley crew, but though it is short.

I will try to find authors and readers Schools of life . And I gather: Life . Does not agree. Says that I not that told something. Correctly, there has to be one word. For example, yapomnyuchudnoyemgnovenyeperedomnoyavilasta . The author set an example, having told one word in a word. So, I gather shkolazhizn . The website accepts it undoubtedly and even draws the schedule of mentions in general, here only on Odnoslovo`s website I am such the first. It was necessary to attach the reference, I will make it now, repetition. And not here - that was, the website asks not to hurry and suggests to have a rest before introduction of the new word couple of hundreds of seconds which it honestly counts. Well, I will look at blogs so far. Here it at most, fell on September 13 - 14. Here concrete records with the offer of the full text where it is possible to read, for example, it: For allocation of interesting subjects in RSS streams I use service from Yahoo! Pipes. As an example I will tell you about a filtration of streams from known iternt - the " services; Questions and Answers : Know As, Otvety@mail. ru, Shkolazhizni, Vorum. ru, Otvety. Google. ru and AskMe. ru . It is pleasant to me. The entertainment develops into fascinating search of unique information. Well, I will go to have a good time. Also I hope to see in a tape acquaintances on ShZh of the person. See you soon, shkolozhiznena! To a meeting on the website of neologizmatik!