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How to protect itself from negative information?

All our life is connected with any adoption of information. And whether you what like information in your life is more reflected: positive or negative?

Let`s imagine such situation: remarkable morning, behind a window - that weather which gets a response in your soul.

(For someone it is sunbeams through rozovato - foamy cloudlets, for someone - an easy snowball or a monotonous rain. In principle, not important. The main thing - nothing saddens your pacified state.)

Only question: whether you will be able to carry by this remarkable mood through all events of usual day and to meet evening in the same raised condition of spirit?

And reasons for change of mood, as we know, weight: unpleasant conversation with the colleague, with the chief, a trip in transport to rush hour and even viewing of the TV where channels round the clock broadcast reports from roads with the detailed description of road accident, the review of natural and technogenic disasters in the world, movies with a large number of the ruined lives and the bent equipment You can continue the list.

And if to make the detailed analysis of it here ordinary day, then it turns out that for all this interval of time we passed through ourselves a huge number of information which most part has destructive influence, the destructive effect capable to enter into a depression, to break internal balance, to worsen health, to reduce working capacity and resilience to infections. Therefore it makes sense to develop for himself the scheme of protection against influence of negative information.

There are many receptions, here some of them:

In - the first, a strict diet , information means. It is necessary to limit a flow of negative information whenever possible. Refuse viewing of the transfers causing negative emotions, readings newspaper articles of similar subject. If noticed, many actors, directors and others public persons in the interviews note that do not read newspapers. Well, and if you do not have life without news releases at all, prescribe yourself small doses, be content with viewing of one block of news, you do not look at one go similar and on other channels.

Glass " cap; will help in case you cannot control a negative stream, for example, in unpleasant conversation or at peddling meeting. Try to give mentally to words some shape (for example, kernels, bullets, a spear with the poisoned tips - the more impressively, the work of your psychological protection will be visible better). But to you this bombing as you are in safety (here it is necessary to cause in itself accurate feeling of security) as are covered with a fat glass cap, impenetrable and steady against any misfortune including against sound waves is not terrible. Play: You see he (she), but do not hear their words.

Tranquility, only tranquility! In a quiet situation think what vision at you is associated with balance, stability, coolness, internal force. Over it it is necessary to work properly as this image is key in reception. And in case of the approaching threat it is necessary completely identify yourself, if I may say so, with the chosen image. Deduction of this picture, preservation by all means of balance will be the main objective. Zatverdite to great Carlson`s motto Tranquility, only tranquility! and effectively use as required.

Theatrical representation - such peculiar extreme, but what effect! Only present: You came to theater, to representation. And actors, of course, useless: this wants to show how strongly he becomes angry and what words he learned! It is necessary! And in what suit dressed up, is only, of course, not its color... And so on, in the same vein. When a little you practise, believe, you will react to a rating differently. And, who knows, with regret will begin to leave an administration office.

Emotions, on an exit! This reception is good after acceptance portions negative information. And, notice, many resort to it unconsciously: after unpleasant conversation leave in a huff, break plates, break pencils, knock a fist, something loudly exclaim, throw... It is right, it is impossible to accumulate negative emotions. Even if pulls you to be cried to someone in a vest, then it is an exit too - in the east say that internals begin to cry with nevyplakanny tears.

Of course that these receptions began to work, at first you need to work, it is important not to remain in inaction. Experience - the great teacher - Confucius told. And that in your internal kingdom - the state always the sun brightly shone and/or poured an easy fluffy snowball (the main thing, there was a world and an order) - with special eagerness protect yourself from influence of negative information. The weapon at you in hands! Progress!