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What to be engaged during a rain in?

Russia, of course, not Colombia - water does not fill in the earth on half a year. But we have a rainy season too - time of romantics and poets.

When behind a window the sad time and eternally lowering sky, from the house before work is laid is yellow - a red carpet from leaves, it becomes sad and especially there is a wish for a holiday. Buy a fashionable jacket or a plashchik and, believe, you will look forward falls.

To what it?

the Rain - at all not a reason for a depression. Here and national signs inspire optimism!

If the rain went to birthday - it will wash away all negative, will take away all bad.

to Marry during a rain - to live long and happily in love and a consent.

to Take during a rain examination - happy your ticket.

to Begin new business during a rain - to good luck.

Medicine against boredom

If you woke up from characteristic abstruse knock in a window and understood that the rain changed all your plans, you should not be upset. Weather gave you an excellent opportunity to be engaged long ago in the postponed affairs or just to make a respite. So do not fall into melancholy. Be engaged in more useful things:

Finish begun. Sew the torn-off buttons, you dovyazhit a scarf, add a picture, glue wall-paper.

Watch the movies which long ago are waiting in the wings. Carry out inventory of the CDs and cartridges and distribute lists to colleagues. Ask them to make the same. Arrange an exchange collection. Interesting evenings are guaranteed to you.

Write letters. No matter, electronic or simple. The main thing - sincere.

Tide up the apartment, sort old stuff in cases. Throw out those articles of clothing which cause in you bad memoirs, ruthlessly and ruthlessly! In red velveteen trousers you failed examination with such crash what you redden still? Down with! A blouse in which you fatally quarreled with darling? Let goes to younger sister. But then will become lighter and is more free.

Lay down on a sofa and at last sleep! Or dream.

It is possible to organize the leisure thus: to take the interesting book, to climb under a plaid, nearby to put a vase with sunflower seeds and with pleasure to enjoy reading and a pogryzaniye... SO COMFORTABLY!

It is not less pleasant to be warmed in embraces of darling.

You sit down with a tea / coffee cup on a window sill and watch it... Life is fine - seize every moment. And if the rain began unexpectedly, it is possible a lot of things interesting and even ridiculous to observe. And it is possible to take an umbrella and to walk on pools or to kiss ( On the street a rain, on the street slush, and to them all the same... ).

" options; rainy pastimes - a set! It is possible to read the interesting book, to chat by phone with the sister, mother, etc., to include the favourite movie and to repair all clothes, to bake puff croissants with cheese or berries and to call all on tea, to lie in a bathtub with sea salt, to make a pedicure and a lot than it is possible to please itself! And others too.