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What our life?.

with my salary became a shame to go To shop. Yesterday, for example, I come. The shop assistant looks with a call, a pier we know you, gol homeless, look at ruble, and you will take for kopek. No, I personally on shop assistants not in offense: really, how many here in a day such here, resemble, resemble, a nose as hens, will peck showcase glass and aufviderzeen. Well, I, of course, assumed a dignified air, I go a rooster: now, I think about myself, I will throw chervonets on a counter, and I will tell: I take on everything! But, when I approach, it becomes is a pity for me for chervonets, it a half of that sum that on harch per day, and it is necessary to jump on the market. Already every time. I approach and vigorously so I ask: whether it is impossible here from this big small bottle slightly - to cast slightly? In a menzurochka. At me, small. I from it accept drops. It is impossible. Sorry. And here from these giblets to pinch off a little? It is not necessary to me any more. It is necessary to leave to others also., them for me, how many. It is impossible. Sorry. And this small fish as is called? Eyes at it sad. No, me one. Right. Well and that? To it already all the same. It is impossible. Sorry. And here from this jar... No, I do not scoff. No, I not the beggar. Why you are so. No, I not the unemployed. Professor, by the way. Why do not pay. Pay. Good. Just small. And I already got used Pomala. Why children do not help? Because I also feed them. Why I in the summer in a cap with ear-flaps and in a winter coat? And where you saw that dogs, for example, or cats undressed in the summer? Heat is saved. And that in vain not to warm the atmosphere. As it is glaciers thaw. Thermodynamics. The science is such. As well as on what to save. Taking into account general warming and dollar rate. No, it is not lecture. It about life. And about yours too. Where to go? Means, you know this place too? There we will also meet. Already I leave. In another. There service is better. To your competitors. Also we will look how you will make the plan. Without me. Thanks. And to you the same. Aufviderzeen. That`s the way it is. But worst of all, as in another also. Scoff. Disorder it. It is necessary to do something. So all of us, I mean who does not steal, will gradually descend. On is not present.

For idea

we Live without reflecting. Rui without reflecting. Well, there about meaning of life. Or at least about health. If only it is more. For emergency. Suddenly, tomorrow that with dollar. Or cataclysm what. All the time in tension. Social order such. Chose. Also we will not curtail. We are such. If that was conceived - that to the bitter end. Or that so around the world, or We the victim fell . The song is such. Our grandfathers sang. When revolution was done. And we live. As if this revolution everything continues. Though not all already remember what is it. And young people do not know at all. And we live. We do not live, and we fight. Also we work, not for money - for idea. I.e. it is free. As grandfathers bequeathed. That they so lived. And we bequeath to the grandsons too. Something is necessary. It is more - that nothing.

should Guzzle less

our Elects, in the congress, from skin climb. Struggle desperately. Care for us. All think how to make life richer. Well, there quicker to extort and for a hillock to sell a subsoil, for currency, of course. That these, oligarchs could buy more earth at them, behind a hillock. That our Russia grew. And all of us complain of life. For a salary. To in total us a little. It is necessary to guzzle less. About soul it is more. As eg. It is more and more water. From a stream. Four cut in day. And even in general: the closed cycle. I.e. instead of water - the urine. Ecologically purely. And perfectly feel. Also do not fuss, i.e. on one place. And without moving. And eyes inside, i.e. peer into themselves: whether all there as it should be. All day. And periodically, in general: are earthed, not deeply, meter on one and a half. It was possible to dig out. And from above plate. As usual. With a surname and date. Not to forget when to dig out. Also have a rest there. As in sanatorium. Silence and rest. In full contact with the other world. Whole week. And even two. And any forage. One karma. From the earth. And from the sky too. The biocenosis is called. And intestines pure, absolutely. And thoughts too. As at the newborn. Both any diseases, and AIDS too. You represent if all of us are so: everyone on the rug, in a pose lotus eyes inside, i.e. in, thoughts there, in universe depths. As we will unload economy. One bakery on all city. For administration. Transport is not necessary. To go - that where if all sit in place? Power plants - only that themselves lit. - to dismiss army. All the same nobody will lift a carbine. And what to protect if anybody has nothing. And any problems, political. And others too. A continuous high, i.e. a nirvana on - to their, orientally. And the main thing - is simple. Any revolutions. All mudflows on a floor. Concentrated. On a nose tip. And in a week already there. Only week and to hold on. Well, at most - two. Farther easier. Already any desires and temptations. Silence. And rest. Eternal.

Perhaps we will try? Right now. Is not present? Did not ripen still? Well, since Monday. Zametano.