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Who needs membrane clothes?

If thought of purchase of membrane clothes only the advanced athletes about 10 years ago - mountain skiers, then today it becomes a part of the life not only many adults walking for work but also children, and practically since the birth.

You remember the fairy tale about the rich man in a fur coat who froze all the time, and the poor to whom was hot though he and a tulupchik full of holes - that removed?

Neither that, nor another knew about membrane clothes, and it would be useful also to the idle rich man in sledge, and especially to the poor cutting firewood.

Really why to freeze in the winter or to sweat under heavy odyozhy if it was necessary to be run behind bus when on a case of the real Russian winter it is possible to get sound clothes in which you do not sweat because sweat is removed outside and in which it is not cold because wind does not get there?

What is a membrane?

The membrane is an or thinnest film which is laminated (it is welded or pasted on special technology) to the top fabric, or the special impregnation which is rigidly applied on fabric in the hot way by production. From the inside the film or impregnation can be protected by one more layer of " fabric;.

From here it is possible to draw a conclusion on important property of membrane clothes - it is very easy.

Membranes happen two types: gidroporny (the most known - GoreTex) and hydrophilic (the most widespread - SympaTex). Gidroporny membranes consist of a time through which moisture (sweat) is removed outside, and water outside does not get. They well breathe, however there is a probability of pollution of a time that will cause loss of properties of a membrane. Hydrophilic membranes represent the continuous film which is not passing water. There is nothing to be hammered, care of such membrane is simpler. By the way, the membrane clothes demand special leaving by means of special means.

As works membrane?

If you became the owner of membrane clothes, then you should not put on it a cotton t-shirt and to be let on jog in a twenty-degree frost. So membrane not works . The sense is in keeping warmly inside, removing moisture outside and not allowing it to be absorbed in clothes.

The classical scheme of protection against moisture and cold consists of three elements - layers, and a membrane - only one of them, by the way, the latest.

The first layer of clothes is a layered clothing (special thin clothes which keep heat allocated by a body). The layered clothing only begins to win the markets, especially Russian therefore it can be replaced with clothes from qualitative synthetic fabric. Cotton should be avoided as it greedy absorbs moisture, and, therefore, about any heat of the speech cannot be.

The second layer - woolen clothes (with impurity of the synthetic fabrics which are taking away moisture) or clothes from artificial materials like fleece (Fleece) or a polartek (Polartec). It is important that the second layer was volume and detained warmly.

And only the third, external layer - a thin membrane jacket.

If a frost weak, then it is possible to manage only the first and third layers that will provide you mobility and mobility.

And, at last, it is important to understand at the expense of what moisture will be taken away outside. At the expense of a difference between air pressure under a membrane jacket and outside. Therefore if you will take in head to sit without the movement in a snowdrift, hoping on magic a membrane, there is a real chance to catch a cold thoroughly. However it does not mean at all that it is necessary to rush as ugorely waiting for a difference of pressure that a membrane earned . To move rather simply more or less actively (just in case: walking is the movement too).

It is no wonder that recently the children`s membrane clothes became very popular (Reima, Lassie, etc.) . Here to whom actually not to sweat and be in heat in the winter!

We will sum up the result.

Pluses of membrane clothes:

it easy and convenient;

in it you do not sweat and you do not freeze;

it is suitable both for not really cold windy weather, and for frosty;

under it should put on less clothes, than usually.

Minuses of membrane clothes:

it is rather expensive;

demands special leaving;

the clothes under it have to be in a special way picked up;

is not suitable for fans of all natural.

It is necessary only to wish that everyone had that heat which the membrane clothes promise to keep...