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The evening of

the Dust storm is such old geezer - the anti-vacuum cleaner. Anti-laundry and anti-dry-cleaner. It flies over Irkutsk, and sometimes we manage to call up from different parts of the city, to warn - close windows! Exactly two minutes and She is a hysteric woman because it happens only in the spring or in the fall. And if in the spring we watch how trees bend down, passersby, and joyfully turns garbage, then in the fall it is more terrible in the fall. It it is visible. It flies under a tape of lamps, such old and terrible, and you think how it is bad to be to one in all this world Why quite so you think?

I do not know. I am not so one. Two fidgets, we with the daughter forgot to buy bread in a supermarket. Food to cats, mother of coffee, the brother of mashed potatoes - everything was bought, and bread was forgotten. Directly opposite to a supermarket there is an antique shop. On it it is written " Bread;. Here grandmothers and grandfathers of our area come. A smell in the small car - as the picture from my childhood. Grain on Smilsha, on a pig-iron arrow - a bronze flourish (never saw such bread), and inside - a smell of candies, the " oatmeal cookies; Veseliba and big aunties in aprons. Wooden regiments and nippers about my task - kuntsevsky rolls on three kopeks. The father did to me of them toads - made an incision not up to the end, inside put oil and cheese, and prishlyopyvat zhabyyu a mouth. The toad honestly held cheese, did not swallow while I long stirred all seven spoons of sugar in tea.

Here such smell in this car.

I will not even think how to call the price and as what to choose bread - unusually. And behind us there is already a grandmother, the little old woman with the wrinkled purse - silk - coins. She desperately delays a neck back and strongly squints at the same time, touching dry fingers of a coin.

- How many it is necessary, grannies?

- find Three ten, lovely

Ya I take three ten and I put in the same palm that strong holds a purse. We with the daughter buy some flyer with poppy, and following the grandmother already speaks:

- the Evening

- Twenty three ten.

The grandmother puts two accurate tens also adds three ten from a cam. On a counter the package of wafers plops down.

You do not know why I cannot forget everything in any way, already two days, this simple picture? And I am not present, I know and I do not want to speak. Cold very much.

I just saw such rigid, flying and very cold rain as it was called? Precisely. It is snow. The dusty hysteric woman dashed away, having left just wind and this very prickly snow. And I see the grandmother, for some reason absolutely one. She sits in kitchen. Evening. The grandmother drinks tea. An evening

Ya I freeze.