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How to increase the income several times?

the principle " is known to the Majority of us; how many money in the head, is so much money in a purse . And many even agree with this expression.

But here is how to put this principle into practice how to learn to think so that money inflowed in your life easier and quicker, with it there are already certain difficulties.

To understand one business, and quite another matter - to use this knowledge in practice. With it, I think, nobody will argue.

So how we can begin to use in practice a new mentality which will help us to gain at the same labor expenses income several times more?

1. Write down right now on a sheet of paper what income you want to gain in half a year, in a year.

2. Formulate these figures in the strong and inspiring you offers. For example: I want to to number easy and with pleasure to earn 1500 dollars . Try to repeat constantly about yourself this phrase at least 1 time in several days. It is desirable to hang up this phrase at home in a visible place in order that your subconsciousness as often as possible read out it.

3. Sit down and write down not less than 10 ways of increase in the income. It can be both quite real, and a little fantastic ideas. The main thing - you express the intention to earn more.

4. If you wanted to buy long ago any necessary thing (or just wanted to give themselves a gift), but constantly refused or postponed for later, make it now. Thereby you will unblock the cash flow.

5. If you save money and postpone them, think why you do it. If you provide against a rainy day, it is better not to do it. If because you do not believe that you will be able to earn more, then it is not an exit too. And only if you earn enough and you postpone with pleasure, then on a right way. The main criterion - pleasure. If at thought of money, purchases or postponement of some sum you have unpleasant or burdensome feelings, so you treat money incorrectly.

6. Write down on a sheet of paper all negative thoughts, beliefs, phrases in relation to money, wealth, rich people. Do not convince yourself that you have no such thoughts. If you yet not the millionaire, so they at you it is obligatory to eat.

7. Write opposite to each negative phrase replacing it positive. Break off a leaf in half and burn or tear negative beliefs. Within 2 - 3 weeks you carry with yourself a leaf with positive statements in relation to money and re-read them from time to time.

8. Analyse as your parents treated money. What did they tell about them? Draw a parallel with the current financial position. In what you copy parental installations? Change them for those which suit you.

9. Excellent idea - to make a collage where you place a photo of in the future where you look successful and rich. Surely paste a photo of money in the center. Hang up a collage on a wall and every day admire of

10. And the most important - be not afraid of big money and take real steps for increase in the income. I can assure that any of you can increase easily the income in 1 month at least by 30%. I emphasize, at least . Begin to increase the income gradually every month. Constantly write down new ways of increase in profit. Actually there is a lot of them, it is necessary only to want them to see.

Each person has ways of fund raising. And it is correct. What works for one person, can be harmful to another. Therefore implement these recommendations, but at the same time listen to the internal voice. Perhaps, you will feel that some exercise is contraindicated to you (though here your blocks and fears can interfere), or perhaps will think up some unique techniques.

The most important - to realize that it is possible to gain big income in any country and in any, even the most difficult situation. It is necessary only to stop feeling sorry for himself and to begin to look for, at last, an exit.

Each person, irrespective of his social status and age, deserves to live much and to dare to buy that he wants and not that is able to afford. Let in this thought the consciousness, and she will make for you all work. Allow themselves to live much. Believe that you deserve it.

We receive exactly so much money how many we agree to let in the life. Be not afraid to increase this stream.